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  1. You are an angel to put this site up, Bud. I am so grateful to You and Marcelyn for this venue and the many times we have posted and advertised thanks to You Both. May I also take a moment to thank the entire community. To any and all of you who have come to hear our music, supported the restaurants where we played, come to benefit concerts, etc. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. When You are there to listen, our job does not feel like work at all, but rather like a joyful offering of Love. I hope You have felt the Love and know that it continues for You all - even all the way from Mexico. Boquete will always live in our hearts as one of the best decades of our lives. God Bless You All. yella & tom
  2. Yella & Tom have been offering music in Boquete for 10 years and are now moving away to Mexico. We want to send them off in style. Please come join our wonderful party that will include many musicians that have worked together before. The music will be divine and the company will be even better. This is a pot luck event so please come with a dish to share.
  3. until
    This is your last chance to come see Yella & Tom at Big Daddy's where they have created one glorious party after another. This will be a great way to say thank you to all of our wonderful listeners and dancers, fans and friends. Please join the fun Sunday night. Bring your friends and your dancing shoes - we are going to rock out!
  4. until
    Opportunities to enjoy the music of Yella & Tom are limited. Come dance and visit with friends while they are still here playing all your favorites.
  5. until
    Always a great party with Yella & Tom. Fabulous music for dancing, wonderful food and all your favorite people. Come join the FUN!
  6. until
  7. until
  8. until
    After two weeks closed for vacation, Big Daddy's is reopening with a wonderful evening of entertainment and dancing to great music with Yella & Tom. If you have not heard them, it's always a wonderful party with dance music from the 60's 70's, 80's and more. world class entertainment right here in Boquete. Come on out for some real fun!
  9. until
    It's always a party with Yella and Tom playing your favorite oldies from the 60's, 70's and 80's - all perfect for dancing, listening, singing along and just enjoying. Fabulous entertainment and wonderful food and friends are waiting for you at Big Daddy's.
  10. until
    Always a great night of good food and wonderful entertainment. Your favorite oldies from the 60's, 70's and 80's - all perfect for dancing, listening, singing along and just enjoying.
  11. until
    Fabulous costume party with prizes, special menu and dance music all night long. Come check out each other's great ideas and fun costumes. It's gonna be a party for the record books!
  12. until
    Yella & Tom will be providing wonderful music to listen and dance to at Big Daddy's Grill, where the food is always good and the friends are always friendly. Come enjoy all your favorite oldies while you eat and visit and laugh with great people.
  13. until
    Yella & Tom will be providing wonderful dance music at La Posada this Saturday night. Come do some eating and dancing - and let the good times roll.
  14. Thanks for posting, Newslady. I hope you will all come out to dance and eat some of the best food in town on Saturday, the 17th of September. The music will include your old favorites from the 60's, 70's and 80's - you know, the songs that make you want to sing along and dance the night away. Looking forward to seeing you at Seasons Restaurant in Lucero.
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