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Due to unforeseen circumstances, artist Mary Ellen Wattsmust postpone her scheduled presentation for this meeting. 
Andrew Baze in simple terms (no tech-speak) will explain how to protect yourself from cyber criminals in an easy to understand language for non-technical people. 
He'll cover these areas:
-- what's happening on the internet, and some typical dangers that you can avoid, including phishing
-- how to use, improve, and securely store your passwords and passphrases (and sometimes how to avoid a password altogether!)
-- how a password manager can make all of this password stuff 
1) more secure 
2) way more convenient
-- what is MFA, how it can be easy to use, and why everyone should use it 


This event begins 04/28/2024 and repeats every month until 10/27/2024

Our clinics are held the last Sunday of each month, except we are dark in November and December.
Please WhatsApp Rosa at 6563-8686 or email us at boqueteanimales@gmail.com to get on the waiting list.
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