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Restaurante In David



Boca Chica Restaurante in David. It is mostly seafood and has a steak menu. In David, I rate it 8 out of ten. Seafood was fresh, A/C dining room (small) or other seating out front. Good service and not long waits. We had the Mariscada De La Casa (seafood platter). More than enough for two. Everything is under $15. The fried Calamara appetizer was good also.






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My favorite restaurant in David, even after all these years, is the Chinese Steak House.

Never had steak there but their rollos primavera are to die for. Also the won ton soup is a complete and filling meal.

Excellent service from waiters who have been there for years and years.

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Both very good restaurants. We have been to Boca Chica and for the price and food quality it is a great place. Free samples of crevice with every cerveza you order!



Although we have not been to all these they are on our list:


David restaurants



Palacio Orientale

Nueva China

Aranjuez  Hotel/ Jarama / Spanish

Terra Ristorante/excellent Italian and pizza

Cuatro. Near Chinese store/ expensive

El Fogon

Gran Hotel Nacional

Restaurants Nuevo Futuro

Verona pizza and pasta

Jewel berry. Broasted chic!!!

Nuevo futuro /Dim sum/try vapors appetizer

Restaurant Mezcla /Great for breakfast/lunch

Mar del Peru

100% Mexicano Restaurante

Jalisco Tacos and Beer/dinner only



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David - an excellent restaurant...Gordo Novelle   The fat cow.   Not an exact translation but there is a fat cow on the sign.  This restaurant is on the old boquete highway next door to the big used car dealership.  It gets bad reviews on trip advisor as being expensive and small portions $9 to $20


we discovered a non advertised secret.  They have an incredible lunch special for $6 which includes soup and very very good Panamanian meal and they honor jubliado discount.   We eat there twice a week for 6 weeks after Lorraine's therapy.  Really really good soup then sometimes incredible main courses, the chief is really good so makes the best Panamanian lunch we have ever had.  Once or twice it was just ok but most times very very good. 

If you want to try it, refuse the menu when they bring it and ask for the special of the day.   Mostly Spanish speaking wait staff, but a little English. 

Another great plus is shaded off street parking, air conditioning, nice decorations, good service, soft lighting.  I think the place is owned by some wealth Colombians but not sure.   Somebody put a lot of money into it.  

Really worth a try, the entrance and sign are a little hidden but it backs up to the car lot, driveway goes into parking area that has shade. 

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Thanks Bonnie, my memory and spelling suck :-)

Expensive is a relative term, for me $6 is good $15 is expensive for others the scale can be completely different. :-)


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4 hours ago, Hil said:

What is the chinese steak house near Penny?

It is a large yellow building with a sign "Mariscos".  If you stand in the parking lot of Super Baru and look past the stadium, you might be able to see it from there.  It is a couple of streets over.

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15 minutes ago, JudyS said:

It is a large yellow building with a sign "Mariscos".  If you stand in the parking lot of Super Baru and look past the stadium, you might be able to see it from there.  It is a couple of streets over.



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The Chinese steak house has become harder to find since they built the overpass. It's basically on the road that dead-ends under the overpass. Coming towards Boquete from Price Smart, take the right that's just before the overpass and you will see it. Like someone said, large yellow building that says "Mariscos" on it.

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Probably our favorite restaurant in David.

Their brand of marketing/advertising is a bit different, but the food and the service are excellent. Always see lots of locals eating in this restaurant.

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