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And Now I Know - Tailor Shop




A short time ago I ordered jeans from an internet source. Quality was not very good. They were cheap; about half the price of what I could find elsewhere. Yes, once upon a time my mother told me “you get what you pay for”. 

The color was O.K. The real concern was the length of the pant legs. They were seven (7) inches too long. Now that would be a heck of a roll-up cuff! What to do. I had paid for them; spent money to ship them here, and they were cheap.

Off I went to downtown Boquete looking for someone with a sewing machine. Found him in his shop on the NE corner across the street from Farmacia Revilla. I had marked the desired length correction with big safety pens so not much Spanish conversation was needed.

I’m hoping for a happy outcome and will probably never learn who or what was the model used by the manufacturer to make these jeans. But at least I know about the man with a sewing machine in downtown Boquete.

His name is Domingo.

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Went to him 2 times to get pants hemmed.  We marked them as well with the desired length. The last time he hemmed them way too short. Can not correct the hems or now wear 2 brand new jeans. We won't go back.

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I would not recommend Domingo. The 4 times I used him nothing got done correctly. I gave him three chances after the first huge mistake. So, i'll take our business elsewhere.

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We went with Domingo once, and we quickly decided not to return. Much better luck with Mercedes, the "modista" with a sign on her lawn on the right as you exit Los Algorrobos on your way to Boquete. Just past the school, the apparently very popular "tipico" restaurant and the two car washing places.

She shows her phone number (6928-2198) and her front door is open when she, or her daughter, is home, which seems to be most of the time. No English.

We've paid one dollar for hemming a pair of pants. Prompt, pleasant, and good work.

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4 hours ago, Jim Bondoux said:

We've paid one dollar for hemming a pair of pants. Prompt, pleasant, and good work.

Domingo charged us $5.00 for a pair of pants hemming. Wow, $1.00 with Mercedes! She will get a lot of business! 

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