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And Now I Know - Dental Service



Last month Bud broke a tooth. A chunk just fell away. He wasn’t eating anything hard or difficult to chew, but a big part of that tooth was missing. This was a major and unexpected happening plus scary. A new problem and no dental experience in Boquete. What a blow!

Using the Health Care Resources for Chiriqui Province maintained by CL moderators Doug and Jo, I called Dra. Monica Sanjur. Told her Bud was in pain and requested an emergency appointment. (She is located in new building not far from the Library.)

Dra. Sanjur inspected Bud’s tooth within a few minutes after we arrived at her office. Took an x-ray and there was discussion about a root canal. More inspection and Dra. Sanjur checking on the condition of the remaining part of the tooth. Decision was for a crown. All measurements taken by the dentist and technician then sent to Panama City for preparing of this device.

End result is “feels great, no pain” “Dra. Sanjur did a wonderful job”.

And Now I Know about dentistry in Boquete.

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