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When Good News Goes Bad

Keith Woolford


Yesterday, when full of Christmas Eve shoppers, there was a big upset in Multiplaza, Panama's most upscale mall.


Word got passed around on social media that the President was going to be giving away free Nike shoes there. All a body had to do was show up and ask for the shoes to be charged to the account of Juan Carlos Varela, so hundreds of people arrived for the supposed giveaway, which of course didn't happen.


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19 hours ago, Uncle Doug said:

Sounds like someone was conducting an IQ test on social media.

Sounds like they failed the test.

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This is the result of what we called here: government and politicians "paternalism" or "populism".     It is a bad strategy used by politicians to get support from uneducated, low income masses.   The more ignorant and dependent thos people are the better for them to get their support at elections days.  They create this kind of dependence and those people thinks that they deserve everything for free from government.  I dont like to much all those "social" trips to poor areas in the comarcas to give food, clothing and toys a couple of times a year and what happened to the rest of the days in a year.


I am a believer of this old saying:  "Dont give people a fish.... teach them how to fish them."   What is needed is to improve education.  Increase health and create better conditions for creating good and new jobs.  By giving away everything for free you create a society with parasites that dont want to work and pretend they deserve everything for free from the government.



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