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Rescues from Volcan Baru

Keith Woolford



About twenty 'excursionists' had to be plucked off Volcan Baru last night around midnight, with the first group arriving to Boquete about 5:00 a.m.

What's up with these folks? One guy there appears to be only wearing a t-shirt.

Does anyone else feel that these tpes should be heavily fined or sentenced to community service.? These rescues cost money, and a lot of lost sleep, for personnel and volunteers who are putting their own selves at risk.

No word as to whether the partiers are foreigners or nationals.



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Dunno Keith.  It is hot in David, much cooler in Boquete at 4000 feet or so.  If these folks had a brain cell between them the should be able to predict it would be a whole heck of s lot colder 7 thousand feet further up.  Yes, make them pay for the rescue.

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