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Access Closed for 72 hours to to Parque Nacional Volcán Baru

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Irresponsibility knocked as tourist search begins

Volcan Baru
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With a rescue team scouring the Baru region to find five missing tourists and their “trained” guide, Jose Donderis director of Panama’s Civil Protection agency (SINAPROC)   has taken to Twitter to condemn those who ignore  precautionary weather warnings.

Sinaproc had issued a notice of 96 hours of heavy rains with associated risks of flash flooding and landslides lasting through Sunday.

Donderis is particularly upset at the irresponsibility of “trained” people offering tours that don’t safeguard the lives of their clients or respect the rescuers who must risk theirs.

He said on Sunday,  May 27: “ 48 hours ago we warned about the increase in rainfall and asked people to take preventive actions. At this moment we have activated the rescue team of the #FTChelp to find five tourists with a “guide” with problems on the Barú mountain.

They deserve responsibility and respect.



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5 tourists with hypothermia rescued from Volcan Baru

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FIVE TOURISTS suffering from hypothermia, and other problems were rescued from the top of Volcan Baru in Chiriqui province on Sunday afternoon, May 27, by a National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) emergency team.

The news was released by Sinaproc director, José Donderis, who earlier in the day had called for responsibility and respect from citizens when alerts were issued by Sinaproc. The agency had issued a heavy rain warning 48 hours earlier and Donderis had complained that “trained” guides in the region had ignored the notice, putting lives of  tourists and the rescue team at risk,

Donderis said that tourists had been taken to a climate-controlled safe place, for evaluation before making their descent with the rescue team. The tourists were stable he said.



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