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Woman lawyer charged with garbage bag deaths

Discovery of the bodies
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A 40-year-old woman lawyer is behind bars charged with the murder of a couple whose bodies were found in garbage bags in Alcalde Díaz, Panama in November.

The requests of Homicide / Femicide prosecutors  Humberto López and Isaura Mejía,  for the legalization of the arrest and charging, and precautionary jailing of Zoraida Saucedo were all accepted by a Judge. of Guarantees on Friday, April 13.

Prosecutor Isaura Mejía told the judge  that everything revolves around the attorney’s appropriation of the luxury apartments assets  belonging to  a 76-year-old Italian citizen and   a Panamanian woman whose bodies  were found in the black bags,

The accused is also facing charges of extortion and Crime against Public Faith.

The hearing was held in private, as there is information that should not be publicized to protect other facts of the investigations. The Public Ministry has six months to carry out the probe.

The Superior Prosecutor of the Homicide / Femicide Section, Rafael Baloyes Lobo, asks citizens or relatives that have information of an investor, foreigner or national, who is missing and believed to be related to the accused, they should go to the Section, to enable investigation of cases that are not reported.



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Lawyer suspect in double client murder

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A  WOMAN lawyer accused of the murder of a 42-year-old Panamanian woman and her 76-year-old  Italian partner whose bodies were found in  garbage bags will appear in court on Friday, April 20 for a hearing to review the order for preventive detention .

The hearing will be held at 2:30 p.m. in the Court of Appeals of the Panama  First Judicial District.

At the guarantee control hearing held on April 11, the judge of Guarantees Mike Zuñiga, supported the application of detention of the lawyer,  based on several elements: the interview with a protected witness and another with the mother of one of the  victims, mother, photographs and forensic medical reports.

The case
The Italian Furcio Ferrari and the Panamanian Mariaelena Vallarino lived together in Mexico. They arrived in Panama on November 27 of last year to resolve legal issues of the assets they had in the country.

But the next day they were killed and their bodies abandoned in two black bags in Las Summits, North Panama. The lawyer is the only one accused of the double homicide.

The investigations of the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office have revealed that the lawyer was the legal representative of the couple and administered the three apartments that they rented in Panama.

It is presumed that the Italian and the Panamanian were killed to keep their property, says a TVN report.



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Double murder charge lawyer faces 2nd killings probe

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A woman lawyer charged with the murder  of two clients whose bodies were found in  garbage bags in Las Cumbre,  allegedly overheard   by a protected witness negotiating a payment  of $4,000 for the killings is facing a second double killing probe

She will be in court again on April 25 for a case of double homicide in San Miguelito, on October 27, 2017.

This hearing will be held at 10:00 am, where the charges and the request for precautionary measures will be imputed, for having been linked to the killings of Kotlica Miomir, Italian, 62 years old and Miguel Paz, 27 years and a $120,000  fraud against St George’s Bank

On Friday, April 20 The First Judicial District Court of Appeals endorsed the arrest warrant of the lawyer, Zoraida Saucedo, for alleged involvement with the homicides of Julio Ferreira and Marianela Vallarino, found dead on November 28, in Los Lagos in Las Cumbres.

The magistrates said  Saucedo must remain detained and the Homicide and Femicide  Prosecutor’s Office will provide the evidence of a protected witness who said he had heard a telephone conversation in which the accused was told $4000 was needed to kill two people.

the mother of one of the victims said that Saucedo was one of the last people seen in the company of the murdered couple.

Judge Luis, Mario  Carrasco, who acted as rapporteur for the hearing, warned that there is a risk of destruction of evidence and leakage by the investigated, as its scope has links with people who live abroad.

Also , the Office of the Prosecutor provided evidence that Saucedo failed to comply with precautionary measures applied in another judicial process, … an additional risk for her non-appearance.

Carrasco remarked that the Penal Code recognizes the protection of the home and identity of the protected witness but in the trial phase the witness must appear for questioning by the parties and provide identification.

During the hearing, the prosecutor Isaura Mejía referred to a process of buying and selling three apartments owned by Julio Ferreira, which were managed by Saucedo, but in October of 2017 were transferred to Javier Francisco Sucre. The prosecutor has not yet asked for the appearance of Sucre.

The accused claimed that the apartments were transferred at the request of Ferreira himself, who – according to her – since 2014 had no financial liquidity and whose goods were mortgaged, and had been threatened in Mexico and in Panama.

Luis Cedeño Antunez, Saucedo’s defense attorney, said  that his client does not haveresponsibility in this case and her  presumption of innocence must be respected.. Antunez had appealed the decision of the judge of guarantees, who  on April 13, , ordered the preventive detention of Saucedo.



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Canadian 2 Italians among lawyer murder victims

The discovery of the body of Canadian Kotlica Miomir
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A Canadian two Italians and a Panamanian are the alleged murder victims of Panama lawyer Zoraida M. Saucedo, in 2017, as she moved like a shark in the waters of Panama’s real estate world: buying and selling properties, mortgaging them, processing loans setting up and flipping corporations.

Saucedo leaves court after first murder hearing

Saucedo, a mother of two,  graduated as a lawyer, in 2003 but never litigated reports La Estrella. Instead   on the Open Corporates website, the name of Zoraida Saucedo appears in 203 Panamanian corporations: as a resident agent, in 80 companies; as a director, in 27; as a subscriber, in 64; with the position of treasurer, in 15; as president, in 8; and in 9 she serves as secretary.

La Estrella investigated some of the anonymous companies related to Saucedo, Showing deals with Venezuelans, Colombians, Spaniards, Chileans and Panamanians, to whom she sold apartments in Paitilla and Bella Vista, or facilitated the purchase of land in Colombia. She  also created joint-stock companies for the administration of restaurants and bars,

One of the properties owned by Furio Ferrari Serra in Panama was an apartment in the Grand Bay Tower building, in the name of World Bridge International (WBI).

The company was registered in 2008, and, the name of Zoraida Saucedo appears in 2012 when the shareholders’ meeting is held and she acts as ad hoc president, in the absence of the owner says La Estrella.

In the minutes, the directors and resident agent are listed, with  Zoraida Saucedo (president), Edgar Camarena (secretary) and  Colombian Jorge Mondragón, (treasurer). All with the address in El Doral number 9, Panama.

The same address that Saucedo recognized as her own at a recent murder hearing.

On August 14, 2012, the company Chayim, SA,  Zoraida Saucedo and the company WBI entered into a loan agreement with mortgage and real estate guarantee, entered into an investment contract in the amount of $120,750.00 on the Grand Bay Tower, in Bella Vista.

The investment was given an immediate discount for costs incurred to make the closing of the investment contract and legal expenses, administrative fees, and commission.

Chayyim S.A., has as directors Daniel Mahlke, Diego Quintero, Juan Agurto and Juan Manuel Villarreal. As a resident agent, Legacy International Business Consultants.

In front of the judge, Saucedo, charged with the murder of  Furio Ferrari Serra and his  Panamanian partner Marianela Rosela Vallarino, indicated that three properties of the Italian were transferred to Javier Francisco Sucre, alleged representative of Juan Díaz’s corregimiento, but he issued a statement denying any link with the lawyer.

Saucedo, 40, comes from a Las Tablas family of professionals.

The Prosecutor alleges that, through several corporations in which she had a broad power granted by their owners, the lawyer transferred the assets that belonged to her clients. When the owners died, she was the owner. “In some cases, I sold them without their knowledge,” she said, according to judicial sources.

The authorities established that the lawyer administered two or three properties of Ferrari, a retired plastic surgeon who lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

For several years everything went smoothly. Saucedo collected the rent from the tenants and sent them to Ferrari.

The bodies of Furio Ferrari Serra and his partner Marianela Rosela Vallarino were found on November 28, 2017, inside plastic bags in Las Cumbres, they were the guiding thread for the authorities to discover the presumed relationship of the lawyer with another double homicide: Canadian Qotlica Miomir and Panamanian Miguel Paes. known as the ”Chicano,”  who was allegedly engaged in retailing illicit substances.



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Lawyer facing second double murder charges

Traces of blood of the victims and repairs to a broken window of the vehicle of   Panama lawyer Zoraida Mircala Saucedo are part of the evidence linking her to the homicide of a Canadian and a Panamanian, who were assassinated in October 2017.

A judicial source told El Siglo that the details are part of five volumes of evidence covering the investigation of the murder of  Miomir Kotlica 62, and Miguel Paez,27.

The source said that the lawyer ordered the repair of the window that broke, presumably, in a struggle between the victims and their killers.

On the day of this double homicide, residents of San Antonio, near the Girasol minisuper, in Rufina Alfaro, heard shots and when they went out to investigate, they found the bodies of two men lying on the road and saw a white vehicle, leaving in a hurry.

A hearing for the formulation of imputation and precautionary measures was scheduled for  Wednesday, April 25,

Lawyer Zoraida Saucedo entered the room handcuffed hand and foot and with a piece of cloth covering her face.

Her lawyer, Luis Cedeño, asked the judge of guarantees that the hearing be held in camera to safeguard Zoraida’s relatives and herself.

Cedeño said he was assigned the case on Tuesday afternoon and did not have enough time to read the file, so requested an adjournment.

The Judge of Guarantees of the Second Judicial Circuit of San Miguelito, Yaraby Quijano Garibaldo, rescheduled the hearing for tomorrow, Friday, April  27. 10:00 in the morning.

“My client said that she is innocent and I believe her,” Cedeño told local media.

Saucedo, currently, is facing justice for another case of double homicide of clients Marialena Vallarino and her Italian husband Fursio Ferrari in November.



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Lawyer facing 2nd double homicide charge  stays behind bars


Zoraida Saucedo

Posted 18/11/2019

The provisional detention measure for a 42-year-old lawyer, Zoraida Saucedo, involved in a case of double homicide in the San Antonio neighborhood, on October 27, 2017 was maintained on Monday. November 18.

The intermediate phase hearing was rescheduled for January 6.

The case is about the murder of Canadian Momir Kotlica, 62, and Panamanian Miguel Paz, 28, alias  "Chicano." Both men were riddled with inside a residence in San Antonio. The prosecution argues that the lawyer allegedly seized property managed by Kotlica, and there are also charges of falsifying documents and public stamps.

The researcher graduated as a lawyer in 2002 and in 2003 achieved her suitability.

Saucedo also maintains a precautionary measure of provisional detention for the killing of another couple, Panamanian Mariela Vallarino, 46, and the Italian Fursio Ferrari, 76, a fact that occurred on December 27, 2017, in Las Cumbres.



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Lawyer accused  of murdering 4 clients stays jailed


Posted 03/04/2020

The Court of Appeals of the First Judicial District of Panama rejected a habeas corpus presented by the defense of    lawyer Xiomada  Saucedo  in preventive detention, accused of the murder of four clients

According to the Public Ministry the woman was arrested  for the murder of a couple (a Mexican and a Panamanian), on November 28, 2017, in Las Cumbres.  The bodies  were found, in black bags, in a state of decomposition.

According to the investigation, the couple traveled from Mexico to Panama to verify their business of some apartments, which were managed by the defendant who, without authorization, got loans with the guarantee of the payment of the couple's assets.

The oral trial for the case was set for December 6, 2021.

The defendant also has another cause, in the San Miguelito Regional Prosecutor's Office, for the murder of two more people, for which the oral trial was scheduled for next May 25.



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Lawyer  who preyed on ex-pats guilty  of double murder


Guilty of killing a Canadian and Panamanian.

Posted 20/05/2022

A trial court in San Miguelito found attorney Zoraida Saucedo guilty of double homicide.

The decision was made known on Wednesday, May 18, at the end of her trial for her alleged link to the murders of Canadian citizen Miomir Kotlica, 62, and the Panamanian Miguel Páez, 27, in San Antonio, San Miguelito, in October 2017.

Saucedo was also found guilty of falsifying documents and public stamps, to the detriment of the two victims.

The Public Ministry has requested a sentence of 48 years in prison.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 15, at 3:00 p.m.

Saucedo is also linked to the deaths of Marianela Vallarino, 46, and Italian Furio Ferrari, 70, whose bodies were found in Las Cumbres, also in 2017





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