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Political stripper with nothing to hide

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Political stripper with nothing to hide

Poet and would be candidate
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A poet, economist, university professor and would be candidate for political office who stripped naked in the atrium of the Electoral  Tribunal,(TE) has been cited  by the organization for   “immoral acts” and “offending modesty”

The public “Full Monty”  undressing by  Alfredo  Belda, took place on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, election, to demonstrate that with his aspirations to run for a popularly elected office in 2019 he will hide nothing.


Watched by a security guard Belda moves into position

In a denouncement presented before a justice of the peace, the TE cited Decree 1813 of September 2000, t which covers sanctions for indigence, vagrancy, begging, drunkenness and public decency in the district of Panama, the TE requests that Belda, a member of the El Kolectivo group, be investigated for the possible commission of an administrative fault “when manifesting in absolute nakedness in view of the people in a way that has offended modesty, in the atrium facilities of the headquarters building of the Electoral Tribunal “.

As evidence, the Tribunal provided a video which has circulated on social media showing Belda undressing and a report made by security assistant Javier Garzola,Belda aspires to be an  independent  candidate for deputy of the circuit 8-7, in 2019

“It was a performance. The action was to call the attention of the population to the levels of corruption that we have. But the question is how are you going to fight against corruption if the system is corrupt? In order to stop corruption we have to change the system (…) “, said Belda on  TVN News.



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