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Day Trip =Visit "Another Piece Of Heaven On Earth" = Finca Dracula Orchid Collection In Cerro Punta, Chiriqui = April 12, 2018 (Thursday)


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Tours at Finca Dracula are only available from January until April….SO DON`T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THIS MAGICAL PLACE.


Finca Dracula Orchid Tour = APRIL 12, 2018 (Thursday) = only 6 spaces available = This trip will be in a “Coaster” bus that fits maximum 20 persons comfortably. Larger people would be more comfortable using 2 seats.

This must see tourist attraction in Chiriqui brings a great opportunity to discover the wonderful Panamanian and Tropical nature.

Their  beautiful gardens and extensive collection of orchid and exotic flowers create an environment of relaxation that allows you to connect with the magic that those plants create.

You will marvel with nature and learn about orchids.

Finca Dracula's Orchid Collection is a Botanical Garden located in Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Panama. Come with us on this amazing trip where you will see  thousands of rare orchid species in lush cloud forest gardens. The “Dracula” in the name refers to a certain species of orchid that, like its infamous counterpart, sleeps during the day and then after dark, it opens and comes alive.          

·         image.png.4dbb8efa8f11380a2bf8a351eee501ba.png



Since this bus does not have enough space for Linda and I to serve anything on the bus…we WILL be serving you coffee and cinnamon rolls “before” we leave Boquete.  

Today`s itinerary:  

        1.)    We leave Boquete at 8AM. Get to Cerro Punta around 10AM.  The drive from Boqueto to Volcan/Cerro Punta  is a very scenic, beautiful ride. You will be surrounded by mountains and nature all the way.

2.)    When we get to Finca Dracula….we will have a 1 hour private tour with a bilingual guide.

3.)    We will then take a ride around Cerro Punta so that you can see the beautiful scenery in this area. We will stop so that you can buy strawberries and other fruit and

vegetables grown in this little piece of heaven on earth.

4.)   AT 12:30PM  we will have lunch at “Hotel Dos Rios”.  This hotel also has a beautiful garden.


5.)   After lunch we will drive back to Boquete.  

     6.)  We should be back in Boquete latest 5PM.

This entire package includes: The round bus trip, coffee and cinnamon rolls before we leave Boquete, entrance fee to Finca Dracula, private tour in this amazing Botanical Garden, Lunch at “Hotel Dos Rios” in Volcan.


Total package: $90.00 per person 

Please contact:

Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com OR Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net


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