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Precipice fall victim rescued alive

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Moderator comment: Again, proof reading of content not well done. It is likely that this incident was on Saturday, March 31st, not March 3rd.



Precipice fall victim rescued alive

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A young man who fell from a  precipice in the area of La Silampa in Chitrá, in Veraguas.was rescued alive by a Joint Task Force (FTC)  on Saturday, March 3.

The National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc) reported that the injured victim was transferred to a hospital in Santiago for urgent medical attention. (Details developing)



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Approximately two years ago Bud and I were in the medical waiting room of Dr. Gómez. We noticed a female (guessing early  20’s) was being helped from a car parked out front. Her boy friend and another woman (B&B owner) were half carrying and partly dragging this young girl to Dr. Gomez’s door. Admission paperwork was started by the nurse (who didn’t speak English) and none of the three arrivals spoke Spanish. This was not working! 

Bud started helping with the language barrier by asking the young woman her name, what had happened, etc.

In between her crying spells, we learned that four days earlier the young couple had been riding an ATV at the beach in Bocas. The equipment overturned and dragged the female thru mud and resulted in her leg injury. Went to a doctor (really a vet) and was given pills. Not antibiotic as she thought, and she had never had a tetanus shot.

We waited for this screaming female with a seriously infected leg to be treated by the doctor. I didn’t see the wound, but it had to be really bad and causing great pain.

After many, many minutes (and much screaming) the girl was being placed back into the car. We heard conversation about going to the David hospital and not having any insurance.

Will always wonder if this girl lost her leg.

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