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Important Santa Lucia Information


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If you live in Santa Lucia please contact me with your:
(Other neighborhoods may want to follow suit.)
Address, phone or whats app number, email and if you have a walkie talkie, any medical needs. Mine broke so I ordered two new ones to be delivered.
If you no longer live here, we apologize for the SL emails and are trying to get a new list asap.
We have had two serious incidents occur in the last few days. The police responded in good time. Nevertheless, it is time for us to regroup and be "on guard".  We will get a new whats app emergency group, weekly walkie talkie tests and work with the police to aide in their crime fighting.
If you have outside lights please keep them on all night, cut back bushes near your home, keep doors locked day and night, if you have a security system - use it, if you see any people of interest call the police, do not confront them and protect your dog by bringing him/ her in at night ( a watch dog has allegedly been taken prior to an incident).
We are taking back our beautiful neighborhood...please feel free to forward to our spanish speaking neighbors in espanol.
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This may be an unneccessary duplication of efforts.

Unless she's resigned recently, Sra. Melixa Ruiz is the coordinator of the Policia Nacional's Vecinos Vigilantes group in Santa Lucia, and also the citizen Director of the program for the District of Boquete.  6635-7523


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