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Discount Medical Plan Enrollment Continues On Tuesday, December 26 At The Market


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Again on January 9 and January 16, Alto al Crimen will be at the Tuesday Market to make available for renewals and new enrollments the Hospital Cooperativo discount medical.  These will be the last two days for this enrollment period.


Hospital Cooperativo is the ONLY non-profit hospital in Panama. It offers a wide range of basic medical services and has nineteen affiliated doctors plus a number of psychologists and nutritionists.


GOOD NEWS! Beginning in January 2018, a new doctor will be affiliated with the hospital. She is the daughter of Doctor Luis Wong, the hospital administrator.  Dra. Wong is a radiologist and will be managing the X-ray and ultrasound imaging facilities.  She speaks ENGLISH!  Dra. Wong has been practicing medicine in Spain.


The medical plan has no age limits, no waiting period and no pre-existing condition restrictions.

Discounts apply to doctor consultations, hospital services, hospital room charges, operating room services, prescription drugs at the pharmacy and emergency room services. Discounts range from 25% to 30% for most services and 50% for emergency room services.   And the discounts are off already very low prices because the hospital is non-profit.

Because the Alto al Crimen emergency bilingual hotline will be closing down, fees for the plan will no longer include donations to AAC.  The charge for the plan will be $120 per person.  A separate contract and information sheet will be required for each person.   Also, a clear, legible copy of each person's ID must be provided.  Copies of Cedulas are preferred, but if you have a Pensionado Card or Passport, copies of them are also acceptable.  Payment is to be in cash only.  All proceeds will go the the hospital.


Alto al Crimen will have a table at the BCP Tuesday market on January 9 and January 16 from about 9 AM until Noon.   Please do not delay.  If too many people wait until the last minute to enroll, there may not be enough time for everyone.

The hospital's contract is in Spanish, but we will have English translation copies available for you to read.  We'll also have a list of doctors and their specialties and a schedule of the discounts.  You can also find information about the plan on Boquete.ning.com in the forum section.  It was posted again in the past few days and should be in the first few forum pages.

Below is a copy of the information sheet we need to have for each enrollee.  If you copy it and print the number of copies you will need, you can complete the forms and bring them with you. That will make your enrollment work faster and better.  Be sure to complete the form in clearly legible block letters. Your address does not need to contain detailed information because it is not used for dispatching ambulances or other emergency services.  We need this form for both new enrollments and for renewals.


Bob Gregory for Alto al Crimen




NAME [NOMBRE] ______________________________________

                                      As on passport or id. 

CEDULA NUMBER ___________________________________

                           or resident ID or passport number

EMAIL ADDRESS ______________________________________
PHYSICAL ADDRESS (direccion)  (Use community name or area such as: Alto Boquele, Boquete, Los Naranjos, etc.)





TELEPHONE NUMBER __________________________________


BLOOD TYPE & RH FACTOR (+ or - ) _______________



This confidential information will he used to complete your wallet Membership card and will be used to notify you when your card is available to be picked up.

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  • Admin_01 changed the title to Discount Medical Plan Enrollment Continues On Tuesday, December 26 At The Market

I continue to be amazed at how inept some people are. Why advertise something happening in December in the month after? Why are you wasting my time? Yes, the words in the text say the right date, but the title doesn't. I think the NewsLady should just reject crap like this. How can I believe anything that is written by this guy?

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Someone named Moderator got after me about my posting here. I can't delete it, but I am apologizing. The next time I see something so poorly written, I will try to forgive the writer for being so incompetent.

Apologies to all for my bad behavior.

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