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Cold Front prompts 72 Hour Green Alert, Aid for Flood Victims, and More Rains Predicted

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Joint Task Force brings  aid to flood victims


THE JOINT Task Force (FTC),  under the umbrella of the Operations Center of theCivil Protection System (Sinaproc) spent Saturday, Jan 6 delivering aid to nearly 300 familiesdisplaced  by floods

Those affected received mattresses, blankets, bags of food, toiletries and cleaning materials bottled water, baby items as part of the first coordinated response through the Office of the First Lady and the National Charity Lottery.

In Colón, inspections were also carried out in Portobelo, Verbena and Villa Guadalupe in Cativá. Rescuers released cleared roads to release residents with the cutting and removal of four fallen trees in Gatuncillo Norte y Sur, Sabanitas and Cativá.

The FTC said that  that the Emergency Operations Center (COE) maintains the green alert for Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro, Veraguas, Colon and Ngabe Bugle comarca and a prevention alert  prevention for the rest of the country due to the incursion of the cold front into the Caribbean, generating  clouds, rain, strong winds and waves.

In the province of Bocas del Toro inspections were carried out for landslides in Almirante and rescuers coordinated with the Ministry of Public Works at the collapse of the Charagre road in Changuinola, The sailing of boats was prohibited due to adverse conditions and affected people were transferred by ferry from Almirante to Isla Colón. Staff maintains permanent monitoring on the rivers Sixaola, Changuinola, Negro and El Silencio.

The director of Sinaproc, José Donderis, said that the FTC will not rest until it brings aid to all affected families.

He called on the population to follow the recommendations of the official sources and asked the population not to enter rivers or streams that may represent a risk due to floods and heads of water.



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More floods, and winds forecast

400 families flooded out in Colon
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THE UNSEASONABLE  cold front that has affected Panama for most of the week is forecast to continue into early next week over a large part of the country bringing more rain and winds.

A report by the Department of Hydrometeorology of the Electric Transmission Company, (Etesa), says that the east of the country will be most affected. “Instability is maintained as a result of the interaction of the south part of the cold front) and the low pressure in the east, “the report said, which means: “ rains of varied intensity on the sectors of the central and western Caribbean “.

The rains will fall on Bocas del Toro, Cordillera Central, north of Veraguas, Ngäbe-Buglé comarca and on the coast below Colón. There will also be isolated showers over sectors of the coast above of Colón, in the region of Guna Yala and the areas north, center and east of Panama, and in the province of Panamá Oeste.

Etesa warns that under these conditions flooding of rivers or streams can occur.



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“Dry season” storms flood 1,303 Colon homes


IN WHAT is supposed to be the dry season,1303 houses in Colon were affected by continuing heavy rains on the night of Saturday, January 6  brought on by a cold front on the Atlantic coast. The Civil protection service (Sinaproc) is monitoring several areas for potential landslides.

In its most recent report, the Joint Task Force reported that it rescued over 30  people trapped in flood waters, in houses, buildings and vehicles in four successful operations, while reports of flooded homes continued to be picked up by technical staff, and rescue operations continued through the night and through Sunday.



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Floods Hit 1,414 Homes, Green Alert Extended

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With the unseasonable cold front still hanging over the Caribbean, Panama’s  Emergency Operations Center (COE) has extended its green alert to many areas for a further 48 hours.

The announcement was made early  Monday, January 8, and covers Bocas Del Toro, Chiriquí, Colón, Veraguas and the Ngäbe Buglé region

Forecasts estimate an increase in rainfall, with  36 millimeters in four hours over the western area of the country, with an increase in winds and waves on the coasts of the Caribbean.

So far, according to the COE, some 1,414 residences have been affected  by flooding in Cativá, Cristóbal, Barrio Norte and Barrio Sur, in Colon province

Call for donations
The COE also announced that the collection center continues to operate through the Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) in Colón, where they request articles of first necessity (dry food, blankets, baby items, personal hygiene and cleaning). At the moment, no used clothing is being requested.



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