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Drunk Drivers Attack Cop and Rescue Worker

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Drunk drivers attack cop and rescue worker

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DRUNK drivers have attacked police and emergency medical personnel in the closing days of the week leading up to Christmas.

The director of the fire department, Colonel Jaime Villar, said that a firefighter belonging to the Emergency and Rescue (Samer), had to be transferred to hospital after being assaulted by a man traveling in one of three vehicles involved in an accident in Río Abajo. “It is presumed that he was under the effects of alcohol “, he said.

“This should not happen because we are there to safeguard lives, not to receive injuries from the person that we are attending, “said Villar.

Ismael Herrera, director of Police Traffic Operations of the Police, reported that a driver who had assaulted a traffic agent in the South Corridor had been arrested

The driver, said Herrera, had collided with another vehicle driven by a woman and fled the scene.

The transit officer followed on a motorcycle and found the runaway, in the middle of heavy traffic on the corridor. The officer asked him to park on the shoulder. When he began to perform a breathalyzer test the driver started throwing punches, Herrera said.

He was arrested for assaulting the agent and for “driving under the influence” He had a reading above .70 according to radio reports.



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