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U.S. Tourist Dies on Sendero Los Quetzales

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American Tourist dies on Los Quetzales trail in Boquete

The authorities of the Public Prosecutor's office similarly began the investigation of the event and await the examination and necropsy of the body of the tourist to know the causes of death of the foreigner.


Bruce Weinril, 61, of American nationality, lost his life on Thursday afternoon, presumably when he was carrying out tourist activities on the Los Quetzales trail in the district of Boquete in the province of Chiriqui.

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The event was recorded past noon on Thursday, when a call was received from a tour guide, who alerted the authorities that in Alto Chiquero, on the Los Quetzales trail , two tourists were accompanying him, both of US nationality and one of them slipped, hitting his head, so he went looking for a signal to ask for help, explained the tour guide.

When arriving to the place the aid team of the firemen and the National Police rule that the foreigner did not maintain vital signs, reason why proceeded to give notice to personnel of criminology and the Public Ministry, for the accomplishment of the lifting of the body of the tourist .

According to witnesses of the fact, the now deceased was coming up the hill, known as the laments in the Quetzals path and looked down, losing the balance of his body, which led him to slip and fell back hit his skull.

The authorities of the Public Prosecutor 's office similarly began the investigation of the event and await the examination and necropsy of the body of the tourist to know the causes of death of the foreigner.

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This death happens a week after five tourists were rescued by personnel of the joint task force in the Barú Volcano National Park, in the highland sector in the province of Chiriqui.

The Joint Task Force began the search for these five tourists who climbed to the top of the volcano in the Volcán Barú National Park, when the rains and low temperatures intensified, which led them to ask for the support of being sought by the organisms of first aid to avoid complications.

The search was coordinated by the National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc) and park rangers of the Ministry of Environment (Mi AMBIENTE), who managed to locate them in the sector of the fogones near the top of the park where they were removed from the area by the district of Boquete and bring them safe and sound.

The five rescued tourists joined the group of 24 people who were also rescued hours before they entered the Volcán Nacional Barú park, when bad weather occurred.


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American tourist killed in  Boquete park accident

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American  Bruce Henry Wenrig, 61,   became the only person to die in Chiriqui’s mountain parks in 2017 after suffering a fall in the Loma de Los Lamentos, on Thursday, December  21.

The accident happened at  1:38 in the afternoon, at the Los Quetzales International Park exit in Alto Chiquero, Boquete district.

Emergency services received a call from the guide Plinio Montenegro, saying that after leaving the path the visitor looked back, slipped and fell on his back hitting his skull.

The guide gave him first aid and left to bring help.

Rescuers of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) and the Fire Department moved to the site but Wenrig was already without vital signs.

El Siglo reports that he was on a hiking trip with his son Aron Wenrig, 25, Both are natives of New Jerse City in the United States.y



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