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Zulema Sucre -- the "Gucci Lady" -- (former Deputy Minister of Social Development) Charged With Corruption

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OFF THE CUFF: Gucci lady remains mum

Posted on August 23, 2016 in Panama

No words for the media
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FORMER DEPUTY Minister of Social Development Zulema Sucre  made her second appearance before anti-corruption  prosecutors Monday August 22.

She was facing  additional questioning inacorruption case involving allegations she abused state resources.

The charges resulted from a complaint filed by her former bodyguards who claimed she made them perform menial duties, including walking her dog which she called Gucci and designated  a VIP, according to her security detail.

Her initial interview was Thursday last week  when she told waiting media that all would be explained and the charges were false.

Before her second interview  she was more restrained and by-passed the media when she arrived  at the prosecutor’s office.

When she left she had been placed under “country arres” and ordered to report weekly to authorities

She resigned  from her position March 1 after a mini-scandal that stretched up to the president’s office.

Her former security guards say  she had them walk Gucci from 7am  to 10am.


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Gucci Lady December trial

Zulema Sucre
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A FORMER Vice Minister of Social Development who gained notoriety in January 2016 as the “Gucci lady” will face trial for alleged embezzlement on  December  15, with an alternative date of December 21.

The dates were set by by 16th Criminal Court Judge  Enriquez Perez.


A La Prensa cartoonist’s take on the Gucci dog scandal

Zulema Sucre, who has been under country arrest since August last year became a media and social network celebrity  when she was accused by one of her security escorts of ordering him to perform  tasks that were far from his functions like taking her pet dog, Gucci, whom she deemed a VIP for walks   several hours a day in a  public park in the  capital city.


FORMER DEPUTY Minister of Social Development Zulema Sucre

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Supreme Court rejects appeal in “Gucci” dog walking case


Posted 30/05/2021

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by the defense of the former Deputy Minister of Social Development (Mides), Zulema Sucre, sentenced to 36 months in prison for the crime of embezzlement in the so-called Gucci case.

The process against Sucre, who served as deputy minister between July 2014 and March 2016, in the administration of President Juan Carlos Varela, began after her bodyguards filed a complaint with the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (Antai), in which they complained that the official dismissed them because they refused to carry out domestic tasks, such as walking Gucci, Sucre's dog. Also, according to the complaint, they had to accompany her daughters to parties and even to carnival with their friends.

The former director of Antai, Angélica Maytín, filed the complaint with the Public Ministry on February 22, 2017.

On July 2, 2018, Sucre was acquitted by the Sixteenth Criminal Judge, Enrique Pérez, but on November 23, 2020, the Second Superior Court of Justice reversed the decision, after an appeal from the Discharge Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office


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“Gucci” girl seeks replacement  for 3-year jail term


Posted 15/08/2021

Zulema Sucre, former Vice Minister of Social Development will face a hearing on August 20 to request a replacement sentence for the three years imprisonment she received when she was convicted of the crime against the public administration (embezzlement) to the detriment of the entity where she worked.

The former official was sentenced to 36 months in prison, after her assigned  bodyguards  denounced her for wanting to force them to do tasks that did not correspond to their role, such as walking the former vice minister's pet dog called "Gucci."

Sucre's legal defense filed a cassation appeal on May 30, 2021, but it was not admitted by the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court.



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