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Electric Meter Installations in Cabo Verde Result in Riots, Closure of Avenida Nacional (in PC), and One Death

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Teen death inquiry after police clashes

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A PUBLIC MINISTRY investigation has been opened into the death of an 18-year-old boy who was taken to Santo Tomás Hospital on Monday, November 28  following clashes between riot police and residents of Cabo Verde.

“The transfer of the person to the Santo Tomás Hospital was done by 911 Medical Emergency System,” says a National Police statement adding that the transfer l was from San Miguelito and confirmed that the relatives of the young person “live in Cabo Verde”.

According to the police, the members of the anti-riot units acted under the law to reopen the Avenida Nacional that had been closed by protesting residents of Cabo Verde.

President Juan Carlos Varela speaking from Chiriqui  said: “Everything indicates that there was no type of link with the riots that occurred,”

According to the mother of the victim, her son died of tear gas thrown by the agents, since he suffered from heart disease.

At the same time, Varel asked the residents to allow the crews to resume work and to begin the  installation  of meters for the prepaid  in  apartments, which did not suffer damage/

Natural  Gas Fenosa which was installing meters when the riots erupted announced that after the incidents three of the towers register partial damage and one was totally vandalized.

In Cape Verde there are 350 apartments in 5 towers, more than 90% do not pay for electricity service and have been illegally connected, which is why the company has offered the residents the prepaid electricity measurement system.



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Non-paying power users pelt police

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RIOT POLICE   called in to open a road closed by protesters in Cabo Verde in Panama city were greeted with a hail of rocks,  bottles and metal rods hurled by residents of neighboring buildings on Monday, November 27. Police responded with tear gas.

The residents are objecting to the installation of electric power meters claiming that the system is unsafe and that they were not properly consulted. The meters are being  installed in  an area where  there are 350 apartments, in five towers, and more than 90% do not pay for electric power, getting it instead  through illegal connections, better known as “spider webs.”

“Natural Gas Natural has the responsibility to put an end to this bad practice,” the company said in a statement while denying the residents’  safety claims. “The whole project has been developed under strict safety and quality standards and has the respective inspections and permission of firefighters, ” said a company spokesman.

On Monday, Ave Nacional was closed and work on installations was suspended, for the second time.



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