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Vote for Pat Chan as a Panama Hero!

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Subject: RE: PAT CHAN of SpayPanama is nominated to be a PANAMA HERO! Please help by voting for her--details here!

Votes for Pat Chan are VOTES FOR SPAYPANAMA and for Amigos de los Animales!! XX, S.


Friends, Please keep voting for PAT CHAN, founder of SpayPanama, as one of our Panama Heroes for 2017 as Chan is so very deserving.  

As of last weekend, over 142,000 cats and dogs have been helped here in Panama led by SpayPanama efforts! So, please VOTE for Pat Chan at the link below.  You can vote at this link every hour!  Just click on Pat’s photo and then click on “votar.” Thanks, Sharon

For those of you who don't speak much Spanish, note that the first time you visit the TVN page, you should click on this:  "Activar Dispositivo Para Votar" in the box with the blue outline. Then click on Pat's photo and click "Votar" for your vote to actually count (and you can continue to vote this way every hour).


More about SpayPanama: Not only did Pat leave a promising career with the Panama Canal Authority to help the suffering animals of her country, but since she founded SpayPanama she has continued to work tirelessly side-by-side the vets and volunteers to bring the spay/neuter services to people across Panama.  She has been instrumental in training other dedicated volunteers to establish clinics from Chiriqui (Amigos de los Animales) to the Azuero Peninsula and Coronado.  Each month there are several “blitz” clinics (like “MASH” units where the vets, volunteers and equipment all come to the location of need) in areas outside Panama City to help people who do not have cars get their  pets checked and sterilized—continuing the never-ending work of reducing unwanted populations of animals to reduce suffering.


We residents of the Republic of Panama are so very fortunate to have an organization like SpayPanama here. And we are so glad we can be among those helping out, each in our own way. We donate medical equipment like oximeters that will be used every day of operation to help the vets monitor the vital signs of each animal during the operations.  We also do some trapping.  Others trap stray cats and dogs every week!  Many others volunteer their time weekly sterilizing equipment or being part of the pre-op and post-op volunteer teams that work like an assembly line to allow the vets to focus on what they do best, the actual operations.  Still others work in the clinic kitchen or prepare food at the travelling “blitzes” or do the laundry. It’s an amazing group and there is a place for everyone to help! 



For the love of animals, please help Pat Chan be recognized as a true HERO of PANAMA! Thanks/gracias, Curtis Bok & Sharon Bailey-Bok

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