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In the ten years I have lived in Boquete, I have noticed that the availability of drugs in the local pharmacies is far from ideal. On several occasions I have been forced to go to David when the pharmacies here were out of a common drug or simply didn't carry an uncommon one. At the very least I had to go from pharmacy to pharmacy to get what I needed. I therefore was very pleased yesterday when I filled five prescriptions at one place and at a lower cost than I had been paying elsewhere for the two I take regularly: Danka Pharmacy on the square. My blood pressure and heart medications were there and were cheaper than at Revilla and Romero (I've given up on Any's since their inventory has become so depleted). I also had scripts for three fairly unusual drugs used to treat chest congestion I acquired while on vacation. They too were there. Moreover, the service was quick and the discount applied without asking and without producing a cedula. Danka will be my pharmacy of choice from now on.

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I like Danka. I use them more than Revilla, though I also like Revilla. I have found things at both places that weren't even available in Hosp. Chiriqui pharmacy.  I don't know what's going on with Any's.  I've always been puzzled by that large wasted space (the front half of the store with hardly anything in it).

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