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Major Earthquake in Mexico - Panama Sends Rescue Team

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SINAPROC is sending a fully equipped and trained team of rescue personnel to the area of yesterday's massive earthquake in Mexico.

35 people and 4 canines left this morning at 9:30 a.m.




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Panama quake rescue team in Mexico

Mexico bound

A 35 – STRONG team of Panamanian rescue workers and four canine units traveled to Mexico on Wednesday, Sep.30 to assist in rescue efforts after the  7.1 magnitude earthquake that caused at least 250 deaths, including one Panamanian citizen.

The Foreign Ministry of Panama said that  members of the Search and Rescue Urban Team (USAR) a group composed of  “doctors, paramedics, technicians, and rescuers specialized in collapsed structures traveled with  “with concrete, steel and concrete cutting, expansion and stabilization equipment in addition to canes for detection of trapped persons, with infrared, thermal and audio lights, and satellite communication”.

The Panamanian Foreign Ministry said  “it continues to monitor Panamanians in Mexico through the Coordination of Information (CECODI), which is operating 24 hours a day and from which relatives of Panamanians in Mexico can get information. There are about 96 people registered of which 40 have already been located.



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Panama team recovers bodies in Mexico


WITH TIME running out and hopes fading for finding survivors in collapsed buildings in Mexico City, following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake,  Panama’s  35-strong USAR  team (Urban Search and Rescue) which arrived on Wednesday has recovered three lifeless bodies.

Panama was the first country to arrive in Mexico.  The rescuers are accompanied by Phillip and George, dogs trained to find people living in collapsed structures.

The   quake which registered 7.1 on the Richter scale has claimed the lives of more than 250 people with many still unaccounted for.

José Donderis, director of the National Civil Protection Service (SINAPROC) confirmed  on Thursday that the bodies were found in a five-story collapsed building in which 9 people were missing.    in the Linda Vista sector of Mexico City



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Beware con-artists collecting for disaster victims

A Panama search and rescue team was first from outside Mexico

PANAMA’S government has issued a warning  about  co-artists taking advantage of the outpouring of concern for victims of the 7.1 magnitude  earthquake in Panama  and those in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria.

It warned that none of its ministers, vice ministers, directors or secretaries are seeking support for those affected by  the catastrophic events.

“We call on the population to denounce before the National Police any request made by unscrupulous people who are profiting from the tragedy of the brother countries,” said a State Department  press release issued on Friday Sep.22.

The reaction of the Panamanian government arises to the passage of petitions by private individuals, who pretend to be civil servants, to request contributions, especially in social networks.



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Numerous additional earthquakes are occurring in Mexico. Just this morning we were informed that a "fairly major amount of damage from a 6.2 earthquake on the west coast (and shallow depth)" has occurred. In researching the Internet, we see that there have been many.

This is probably a regular and naturally occurring sequence of quakes, but given the recent major earthquake and resulting death/damage, we thought we would just post a follow up.

Here is one link to such reports: https://www.google.ca/search?client=firefox-b&dcr=0&q=earthquakes+in+mexico&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWouyNh7zWAhUO52MKHWKZBDcQvwUIIygA&biw=1680&bih=872

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PANAMA FIRST in Mexico rescue aid

Copa moves Panama aid to Puerto Rico

WHILE  frustration was growing in the United States   over President Trump’s apparent lack of concern over the human catastrophe in Puerto Rico  on Monday Sep.25 while he    focused  on attacks on  NFL players and owners, a Copa  Airlines cargo plane was winging its way  to the stricken island loaded with  items collected  in Panama for victims of  Hurricane Maria

According to the airline, its first humanitarian flight carried 14,000 pounds of dry goods, hygiene items and potable water. More is being collected across the Isthmus.


Panama rescue team

Mexico says thanks
Meanwhile in Mexico the 35-strong Panama Search and Rescue  Team (USAR)which was the first foreign team to arrive in the earthquake-ravaged country was gaining recognition for its work from the Mexican government.

Before the team left for Panama  a Foreign Ministry spokesman said:  The speed with which you moved to care for the brothers is something that we will not forget and deeply appreciate, you are a symbol of this Latin American fraternity that has characterized our relationship, thank you for risking your lives to save Mexican lives”

The  7.1 earthquake occurred on September 19, and left at least 333 dead

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that Mexico received technical and material support from 23 countries, as well as from the United Nations and the European Union

Some of the countries that supported the rescue efforts were: Japan, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Israel, Peru and Venezuela.



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