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Public "Health Census" (aka Health Fair) Program

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The reason for the message is to help non-Latinos understand that the term "health census" is somewhat similar to "health fairs" that are fairly common in English speaking countries. Panama's "Heath Census" program is a publicly funded program designed to achieve two purposes:

  • measure the health status of the general population
  • provide basic health services for the general population, such services to include measuring of blood pressure, blood sugars, influenza vaccinations, etc.

Frequently, free breakfasts are provided as enticements for participation in these health census events.

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1st Preventative Health Care Census for Folks 40+  

source Alcaldia             freetranslation

The first census of preventative health care FOR CITIZENS OVER 40 YEARS WILL TAKE PLACE IN BOQUETE ON 28 AND 29 JUNE

The Ministry of the Presidency in conjunction with the Regional Health of Chiriqui, which integrates the Ministry of Health and the Social Security, reports that the first census of Preventive Health in the district of Boquete will be held on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of June from 5:00 in the morning onwards; was released today during a meeting of the Municipal Council of Boquete by Doctor Ramón Castillo.

The above-mentioned census is for people over the age of 40 years or more, insured and uninsured, will be provided services such as:

  • laboratory testing with immediate delivery of the results
  • nutritional evaluation
  • medical evaluation
  • delivery of drugs
  • reference to the specialist doctor in case it was necessary
  • talks and guidance related to the prevention of these diseases and the care that must have in order to preserve the health of the older adults.

According to Dr. Castillo the census will be taking place in the gymnasium of Los Naranjos,

Wednesday June 28th corresponds to the districts of Bajo Boquete, Los Naranjos and Jaramillo and the day on

Thursday June 29th the corregimientos Alto Boquete , Palmira and Caldera where transportation will be free for all those who wish to attend.

It is important to note that you must be as follows:

  • Fasting - no food before 10:00 a.m.
  • I.D. carry an identity card or Passport and card of vaccine (if available)

Remember that transportation will be completely free of charge, after the laboratory examinations breakfast will be offered in the place.

Public Relations Department


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15,000 attend health census and free breakfast


SOME 15,000 Panamanians over the age of 40 were scheduled to participate in an ongoing  Preventive Health Census carried out by the Social Security System(CSS) followed by a free breakfast on Saturday July 22.


The study which has already involved 185,000  people has revealed  that 35% suffer from high blood pressure, 13% from diabetes mellitus, 35.8% from dyslipidemia and 37.6% suffer from overweight / obesity.

On Saturday a mega-center was in operation at the Roberto Durán Arena with   over 2,000 administrative and health care officials  providing care. laboratory testing, nutritional and medical evaluation, in addition to medication delivery,

The activity started at 5:00 a.m. and participants had to avoid  eating food for the previous 12 hours. After the examinations, they were  offered a  free breakfast.



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Panama mega health census


SOME 4,175 people participated in the mega health check up conducted by The Social Security Fund(CSS) the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Presidency, on  Friday, August 25, and Saturday,  August 26.

The project was to check the health status of persons over the age of 40 living in Diciembre 24 and the  District of Chepo.



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