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89th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

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On November 22nd we ended the year with out biggest clinic ever!  Dr. Tello sterilized 53 dogs and cats, which brings our total thus far to 3,266.  http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/89th.html


We will have a well-deserved rest until January 24th.


Thanks to all of our volunteers. This work couldn't be done without you. Hugs and thanks to you all. And I am grateful that I have found my true purpose in this life.


And thanks to all who have brought dogs and cats to be sterilized. You are helping to reduce the suffering due to overpopulation.


Happy holidays to  everyone. We will have our 90th clinic on January 24, 2016.



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Many people have a passion in life. This clinic and rescuing hungry or damaged dogs is Dottie's passion. It's an expensive and tiring one, but she cannot turn her back on these animals that need her. A donation to her Paypal account would be very much appreciated I'm sure. 

Way to go Dottie.

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2 hours ago, Dottie Atwater said:

Thank you, JoJo. The Paypal donate button is on the web page, http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/89th.html (I have no idea why Bonnie's post appears below. I certainly didn't quote it. Something is apparently wrong with the CL web site.



Please try clearing your browser's cache and see if the situation improves.

We know there is a problem. It has been reported by others (including my wife) as happening periodically. I know exactly what you are talking about.

We have a software upgrade scheduled, which should have happened last week, but with the US holidays things are a bit slow. Hopefully sometime this week. When the upgrade happens, I will post an announcement. It is my understanding that the real fix for this problem is coming in the upgrade. (BTW, the pending upgrade will not be any where as traumatic as the last one.)

If you wish, I will clean out the errant text in your posting.

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8 hours ago, Marcelyn said:

You and your volunteers are doing an outstanding job with the spay/neuter clinic in Volcan. I'm proud of you and glad you have found your true purpose in this life. ?Some folks are still looking.

It's interesting how life can change! When I moved to Panama 11-plus years ago, I thought I didn't even LIKE dogs.

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