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Renewing a U.S. Passport


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In my role as a U.S. warden, I am regularly asked about when the Embassy will return to our area so that someone can renew his or her passport. The following information has been published before, but I'm relating it again.
There is no need to go the the Embassy in Panama City or to a local visit by Embassy personnel to renew one's U.S. passport. This can be accomplished by secure DHL courier. It takes two weeks, sometimes less.
The DHL outlet in Boquete is Mailboxes, Etc. They also take passport photo. Just bring your passport and a certified check (cheque certificado) for $110 made out to U.S. Embassy Panama, and the staff at Mailboxes will walk you through the rest.
Complete, official instructions can be found on the U.S. Embassy Panama at this address:
Bonnie Williams
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It's easy !  We've done it.  Do get the instructions in writing from the Embassy and follow them to the letter. Photo can be done at MBE.  The Embassy address on the package is a tad different from how you make out the check.  It's a minor difference .  We had some omissions on the form and the Embassy contacted us  by email and we were able to correct that omission by email.  In 2 weeks we had our new passports delivered here to MBE along with the old one with the customary holes punched in the expired passport.  MBE took care of the DHL mailing.  The fee was not cheap but cheaper than a trip to the big city and a whole lot less hassle.   We then took our new passports along with our old ones with our E Cedula to the Migration office in David ( In the Mall next to Pricesmart.)  They update your date, stamp your new Passport .  In was an in and out in 10 minutes for 2 people...some kind of a record for a government office.


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