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We ate lunch at The Buffalo House (TBH) in David yesterday (a Don Ray Williams recommendation). We ordered chicken tenders and onion rings. Both were well prepared, tasty and served by the restaurant's manager, Pedro. We'll return for another serving of those onion rings, the best we've eaten recently in Chiriqui. The eatery was clean; well stocked with supplies like napkins etc. All tables were occupied once we were seated, which tells us that TBH is popular with the locals.

The Buffalo House is located on Inter-American Highway in the Swiss Plaza, across from a Terpel station under renovation, and a block north of July Sporting Goods store.


Buffalo House_Page_1.jpg



Buffalo House_Page_2.jpg


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Chicken Wings are the craze everywhere, it seems.

A friend in Canada who is a partner in a chain of successful places told me that the demand for wings in North America is so high that in order to ensure a steady supply they need to import product from Brazil.

Buffalo Wings Factory is also a sports bar located directly behind El Fogon on Avenida 1ra, a one-way.

Someone took me there last week. The Chicken fingers were massive, tasty and plentiful.

Not sure if Lost Wings is still around.

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While running errands in David today, we drove by the Buffalo Wings place on the Inter-American Highway. It no longer exists. Closed up tight, and all signs and furniture removed. 

A favorite place for wings has disappeared. RIP.

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