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New Plaza Coming to Boquete - Buena Vista Plaza

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It's a very good location across from the visitor center at the top of the hill.  I had been wondering why the old structures there were being slowly demolished.

It's currently very difficult to find construction laborers in Boquete these days.  There are a lot of projects underway, not the least of which is Federal Mall.  The only worker at the new Panamonte bridge site for months now is one guy who sits in a tent guarding the orange construction cones.

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I think the structure might be finished in a timely fashion; selling all the commercial space could take a while.

If the layout is done well, the views of Boquete from 3 stores up would be a popular tourist mirador from the food court.

The upper level stores won't be a problem for visitors, it does not look as if it is being built for local consumption.

Occasional tranques at Volcancito Road should prepare tourists for the minefield roads left by the water projects once they venture down the hill.

I wonder if there will be turnstiles at the entrances?



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Point of interest, OLX published this ad for Plaza San Francisco within a month of the Buena Vista ad.  It is advertising vacant spaces there now.  Clearly it does not have the panoramic views that Buena Vista will have but it does indicate there is more space available than businesses to fill them.


The first thought the locals have with any big construction project is money laundering.  Probably just a myth though.


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