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My Ritch and My Buffy

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On Tuesday of this past week, my world was turned upside down!

With my impending trip to Vegas to renew my Nevada driver’s license, I needed to see to having Buffy’s nails cut again.  I had left them too long because she hates the process, but it is so hard for her to negotiate the tile with the long nails.  I was leaving her with Ritch and he had asked me to take care of it.

We went for our little walk and she was happy as could be, spry, in spite of her 16 and a half years.  Then we went in and got ready to get into the car.  She knew it was bad when I carried her to the car.  She shook and fought me like never before as Ritch drove us the few blocks to the vet.

These events had gotten so bad that we would need to put the muzzle on her so this time I went to get it to put it on in the car hoping that was easier.  Doctor Chele was on her way out and couldn’t do it.  When I got back to the car she was foaming at the mouth and acting very strange.  I picked her up and got the window down but she had gone into an epileptic seizure.  We took her home knowing the visit triggered the attack. 

I held her for hours and then we put her on our bed and took turns watching her.  We crushed us a small amount of Valium as it said the vet would do and I massaged it into her gums.  Ritch was waving his hand in front of her face and she had no blinking reflex.  He told me how bad that was.  We both had thought she was calming down and would go to sleep to recover.  She had never had a seizure before.  Ritch said we were losing her and I picked her up and her fluids were coming out and she was dying in my arms.  I had no idea what to do.

Ritch and I grieved together that night.  He said he wanted to go like she did.  I said, “What?”  He said he wanted to go fast and he didn’t want to linger.  He told me that night she was part of our family and he loved her and was going to miss her very much.  He told me how lonely he was going to be when I went to Vegas to get my driver’s license.  I offered to call people to stop to see him, but he didn’t want me to.

I guess Buffy’s death was too much for Ritch’s heart because he died 17 hours after Buffy did.  He died 15 minutes before we were to go to have her buried.  He was dead within five minutes and the CPR I tried did nothing.  I wasn’t able to save either of my two loves.

I thank God that they both preceded me and Ritch did not have to deal with the sadness.

We will have a memorial here in Boquete where he was loved by so many around the end of May after I have had a chance to get my act together.

Thank you for all of the warm wishes and thoughts, most of all I need prayer.  Please also pray that in the end, Ritch chose to believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God who came and died for our sins that we might have life everlasting with Him!

all my love, marguerite

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