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The Passing of Amelia Stroup

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When Penny mentioned this sad news to me this morning at BCP, my heart just sank. Jim and Amelia were very involved in and committed to our special community. We were saddened when they announced they were returning to the US.

For some unknown reason this morning, my second thought was a recollection of the first time I visited with them in their home. It had a stunning, hugely panoramic view of Bajo Boquete. And then I realized the correlation between that panoramic view and Amelia's (and Jim's) approach to life -- it was to look at every challenge as an opportunity, but act only after seeing the whole picture, not just through a peephole.

RIP Dear Amelia.

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On 4/25/2017 at 2:02 PM, Penny said:

Many of the old timers will remember Jim and Amelia Stroup. Amelia was very active in BCP and she and Jim were regulars in the bridge club. We are saddened to learn that she passed yesterday from lung cancer.

Amelia Stroup was a lovely lady and being in her presence was a joy. As a fill-in for a fill-in, I was fortunate enough to play opposite her in my only Boquete theatre appearance, before the dawn of BCP.

RIP Amelia.

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