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Neighborhood Watch for District of Boquete; Vecinos Vigilantes para Distrito de Boquete


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To ALL People of the District of Boquete:

Our Neighborhood Watch Program will be ramping up and widening in ways we have all hoped for.  We are having a meeting of all minds to solicit ideas, enlist help, ensure support, and successfully reach a goal we have all hoped to attain.

Please attend this upcoming meeting and invite your neighbors and friends from your own community as well as different communities.  We want to expand and cover thoroughly all of the residents of the District of Boquete.

Our Boquete National Police Force is behind this momentum and expansion.  They want ALL in the District of Boquete to be proactive for their own safety.  We are our own best weapon.  We are the first line of defense before things escalate.  We are the eyes of our communities and also its ears.  We need to work closely and securely with our Boquete National Police.  Their primary goal is our safety and together we can all enjoy a safe Boquete.

This meeting will be held at the Feria Building on April 29th beginning at 3:00 PM.  Please encourage each other to attend this important meeting.  Also, please bring one or two things to share with the group.  The water and juices will be provided.  Any snack or baked goods of any sort is truly welcome.


A TODAS las Personas del Distrito de Boquete:

Nuestro Programa de Vigilancia de Vecindarios, Vecinos Vigilantes se incrementará y se ampliará de la manera que todos esperamos. Estamos teniendo una reunión de todas las mentes para solicitar ideas, pedir ayuda, asegurar el apoyo y alcanzar con éxito una meta que todos esperamos alcanzar.

Por favor asista a esta próxima reunión e invite a sus vecinos y amigos de su propia comunidad, así como a las diferentes comunidades. Queremos ampliar y cubrir a fondo a todos los residentes del Distrito de Boquete.

Nuestra Fuerza de Policía Nacional de Boquete está detrás de este impulso y expansión. Ellos quieren que TODOS en el Distrito de Boquete sean proactivos para su propia seguridad. Somos nuestra mejor arma. Somos la primera línea de defensa antes de que las cosas aumenten. Somos los ojos de nuestras comunidades y también sus oídos. Necesitamos trabajar estrechamente y con seguridad con nuestra Policía Nacional de Boquete. Su objetivo principal es nuestra seguridad y juntos podemos disfrutar de un Boquete seguro.

Esta reunión se llevará a cabo en el Edificio Feria el 29 de abril a partir de las 3:00 PM. Favor de animarse mutuamente a asistir a esta importante reunión.  También, por favor traiga una o dos cosas para compartir con el grupo. Se proporcionará el agua y los jugos. Cualquier picaritas o bien al horno de cualquier tipo es verdaderamente agradable.

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I'm confused. Many neighbourhoods around Boquete already have Vecinos Vigilante groups which are registered with the P.N. and there is a separate V.V. group in Bajo Boquete for commercial businesses. These programs are meant to be very localized.

neigh·bour·hood watch
ˈnābərˌho͝od wäCH/
noun: neighbourhood watch; plural noun: neighbourhood watches; noun: neighborhood watch; plural noun: neighborhood watches
  1. a program of systematic local vigilance by residents of a neighborhood to discourage crime, especially burglary.

Apart from the script being reader unfriendly, I'm puzzled as to why the person(s) responsible for the communication wouldn't attach their name or contact information to it.

Edited by Keith Woolford
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I sent this email to find out who sent this. 

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 1:51 PM, you wrote:

Who is organizing this?


Here is the response:

2:09 PM (1 hour ago) 

Marguerite Heffner

They just came to me to write the announcement and to ask for money for the snacks.
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On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 2:09 PM, Marguerite Heffner <panamagirl52@gmail.com> wrote:
Our local police department is heading this up.

 I agree with Keith. It all sounds a bit puzzling!
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The Department of Citizen Security and the police carried out an important workshop in Boquete, on the basis of the different problems that boquetenos constantly reported by citizens and with the purpose that these concerns are resolved.

For the Commissioner Theophilus Brown is a work in conjunction with other institutions and organized society as the police listen to the concerns of the residents and then establishes a bridge to provide a solution in aspects of security measures in the citizens.

For the uniformed personnel there are many factors that do not correspond to the police provide answers to ensure the security of the individual but it can be that link to take into account these recommendations such as placement of luminaires, cleaning up vacant lots, among others.

Consulted the Commissioner Moreno on the theft that was given in a district's private polyclinic denied that has been given with weapon in hand and that the subject that committed the crime was captured with the products stolen and it is secure, while the Public Prosecutor's office is still investigating.

In the workshop developed today in the rainbow of the Fair of Boquete participated group and directives of Neighborhood Watch, foreign community, civil society, segments of the police and members of the corregedoria and representatives of the municipality.

Department of Public Relaicones

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