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A year ago I wrote down this recommendation from several people about an excellent automotive air conditioning repair shop in David knowing that some day I would probably need it. This week I did and now I can pass along my endorsement of Super Frio.

Owner Jaime Munoz diagnosed that the problem as a faulty evaporator which could be replaced by removing the dashboard and steering wheel. Little did I know that it would be as extensive as shown in these photos.

All work was done in one day, outstanding customer service, six month written guarantee, perfect English.

  Jaime Munoz
  Autoaire Super Frio
  Calle Aristides Romero entre Av 7 y Av 8
  David  775-9915 / 6572-1810

  GOOGLE MAPS: https://goo.gl/maps/AZpqqirPeTr




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John, this is not only useful information, but the manner in which you documented it is very well done.  The Google Maps link is really good stuff. We periodically get PMs or emails asking for help in locating places. You nailed this one!

I added some tags to your posting that might help locate this information in the future.

Thank you for spending the time to post this.

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This is a fairly standard repair to remove the dash on current models. Luckily, the dash mostly just snaps out and is not part of the structure of the car.

One item to check before heading to the repair shop is the cabin air filter common to cars built in the last decade. When it becomes clogged, it can seem like the A/C has quit working at full capacity.  Checking/changing the filter is simple requiring a screwdriver at most.  The access and location is model specific but generally it is located behind the glove box (does anyone carry gloves in there?).

Here's a good reference: https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/05/whats-a-cabin-air-filter-and-when-should-you-replace-it/


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I can only endorse John R Hampton's recommendation! Jaime Mundoz at Super Frio is magnififcent!  He fixed my A/C after 2 years running around and wasting money with other repair shops. Like John said, analyzed, estimated and done in a day! Super service, perfect English.

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