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The son of a local Panamanian businessman was located in Boca Chica.

National Police locate a man deprived of liberty in Chiriqui

Luis Cerceño was located at 8:00 a.m. this Saturday by the National Police in conjunction with the Senior Prosecutor of Chiriqui, Idalgis Olmos, in the sector of Horconcitos in the district of San Lorenzo.

Cerceño, who had been deprived of his liberty on the afternoon of Friday in the parking lot of a supermarket, was rescued alive after a police operation.

The subject was taken to the Hospital Chiriqui in the city of David for a medical check-up and then will be brought to the office of the Public Prosecutor to give his statements of what happened.

In addition to the location of the subject during the operation, the police apprehended two suspects.


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2 arrested after kidnap rescue

Posted on February 4, 2017 in Panama

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POLICE arrested two men after rescuing  a 27­- year­-old  kidnap victim, in Chiriqui  on Saturday Feb 4.

The victim  was located, at about 8 a.m., in the sector of Boca Chica de Horconcitos, an hour and a half from David.

He had been kidnapped the previous day outside a store owned by his relatives in the Lassonde area of David.

Judicial sources said the relatives received a phone call demanding a large sum of money for his release.

Details of how the man was found have not yet been released, and police investigations are continuing.


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