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Tailoring Content from the Activity stream?

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Please excuse if I mess this up, I'm the new guy.

I read the Activity tab, chiriqui.life/discover, and I see a lot of political news, Noriega updates, and vehicular incidents which don't appear to be relevant to life in Chiriqui.  Political corruption in Panama is not news for most expats or even most locals in Chiriqui, I would think.  I did read the Welcome Aboard about the activity stream but it is unclear to me how to tailor it to exclude certain items.

Is there another forum or area on the web site with just items that pertain to life in Chiriqui?  I lived through the Torrijos and Noriega years and the elected Torrijos years and it is mostly just ancient history now.


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As a P.S., the corruption and fraud postings are in the "Panama in General" forum, which is a totally separate category on CL. We agree that those kinds of postings are not directly related to life in Chiriqui (and that is why they are in a separate category). However, there are exceptions, and several members want a single place to get all of their news.

FYI, the activity stream functionality does take a bit of time to configure, but it is very robust and can give you exactly what you want -- ignoring what you don't want.

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