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BJBF ticket sales


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Hello there, all you Jazz&Blues fans of Boquete and beyond,
the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival is just 3 weeks away, and by all measures it’s going to be the best ever! The line-up is just amazing. 
This year’s festival is surely going to make history with the incredible amount of extraordinary Jazz and Blues talent we were able to get
to perform in our little town in the Chiriqui highlands. 
Never before has Panama seen such a huge amount of absolutely world-class talent assembled here! 
However, some of you are waiting until the last minute to buy your tickets…and that leads
to a cash-flow problem similar to what we experienced in previous years.
The festival’s got bills to pay…equipment rentals, production company downpayment, flight tickets for musicians, payments for work visas,
covering the amphitheater with sunshades, and, and, and...and those bills have to be paid now, not after the fest.
There are still about 240 general admission tickets available.
General admission tickets for two days (Sat & SUN) go for only $130, and if you add the Wednesday and Friday shows it’ll be only $175 for 14 shows!
That’s just $12.50 per show with top-class acts! Can’t get any better than that!
Since the higher priced VIP tickets have almost sold out it doesn’t seem to be a problem of too high ticket prices.
It rather looks more like the well-known buying-late attitude of our friends in Boquete and elsewhere in Panama.
In recent years when faced with the same problem we sometimes resorted to asking our Boquete friends for temporary loans to bridge the cash gap.
We didn’t do that this time trusting that we’d sell enough tickets in time. Didn’t quite work as planned and that’s why were asking all festival friends to help. 
We’re positive that the festival will sell out again but we need to sell more tickets NOW!
Please help and buy your festival tickets as soon as possible!
Don’t wait any longer! You’d help us a lot!
Purchase your tickets online at www.boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com/the-ticket-page1.html or at the Boquete BJBF office at the second floor
of the new market building, opposite of Romero’s supermarket.
NEW: Tickets will also be available at the Boquete Tuesday market starting on January 31.
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