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No phone, no internet, no TV

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I got the power back at 1:30 a.m. on Wed., then lost it again for 9 hours at 9:30 a.m.  Shlepping ice back and forth from downstairs fridge to freezer and upstairs fridge, hanging wet clothes on the line (imagine that!).  Please tell me this is over.  I am hurrying and checking email and CL, because I assume I'll lose it again.  Also I ground coffee so I wouldn't be forced to drink instant.  We certainly get resourceful, don't we?  Fortunately my cell phone never quit.  Also I had a UPS with plenty of charge, so I used it to charge my phone and Kindle.

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We were running errands today, beginning about noon. No electric service when we departed home. Upon returning home about 5:30 this afternoon, we did have electric service. Best estimate is that we were without electric service for a bit short of four full days.

Now, approximately three hours later (8:30pm) we are getting very strong winds in our area. We estimate the wind gusts to be 50-60 MPH. Keeping my fingers crossed that the electrical power will stay on. Good news is no rain with these winds.

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