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Dear CeeEllers,

Our rocking world has wobbled us through another winter's solstice. From here, the days are already lengthening again, making this one of my personal favourite seasons. Of course, for those of you in closer proximity to the equator, day length is a non-issue, with sunrise and sunset being so monotonously predictable that they are hardly commented upon.


That being said, winter's solstice ushers-in all manner of festivities and celebrations sprung from a wide and wild variety of historical roots and spiritual beliefs. While I suspect that there are comparatively few self-professed Pagans like myself, I know that 'tis the season for broad introspection and profound spiritual ruminations. Now, perhaps more than ever before in our lifetimes, we are presented with the opportunities to truly revel in the vast diversity of life, of being, of thought, and of deed.


So please permit me to celebrate with all who come to this place a small commonality, however fleeting; a rare unity, however tenuous; and our own humanity, however fragile.


This sendero lies before each of us. Each of us sets forth, marching toward whatever horizon awaits yonder, each traveller with their own intent, their own vision, their own ideals, and their own fate. Let us choose carefully where we place our footprints on the pathway. Let us each have our senses alive to take-in the limitless beauty outside ourselves, and strive to learn all we can from the lessons that our existence provides.


Let's celebrate!





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