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David airport driver


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I went to PC yesterday for my E Cedula and returned on the 4:55 flight. I was 30 minutes late, which put me in David right at dark. It took me 40 minutes to get from the airport to the Via Boquete! It was dark, it was raining, Dia del Madre/Christmas traffic was bumper to bumper, and my eyes aren't as good as they once were. It was harrowing. Also, back in late September I came back from a 10 day trip on a Sunday to find my car had a dead battery.

So, in short, I've resolved to get a driver to and from the David airport when I travel. Does anyone use a driver they can recommend?

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Quite a few folks use Daniel Higgins, I see hm at the Airport often. 6617-0570

Regarding the trip home from the Airport to Boquete, I've learned to avoid Calle F Sur and the PanAmerican Highway totally.

Go 3 blocks past the light at the Jail / Police Cuartel and turn left. This is the beginning of the one-way Via Rapida or Calle C Sur.

Continue about 6 blocks, passing through one stop light at UDI turn right at the PUMA gas station on to Av. 2, another thoroughfare with the right of way.

Follow the street to it's end where there is a stoplight directly across from Mother's Park or Parque de la Madre.

Turn left and bingo, you're all set to be heading over the new bridge towards Boquete.

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Is Calle F Sur the Super 99 road that eventually Ts at the police station?  So many streets in David do not have signs, I have never bothered to learn the street names.  I navigate by landmarks.  I have been stymied many times after looking at a map, getting the street name, then finding no signs. 

Bonnie, I guess the greatest lesson of your ordeal is not to do anything in December that requires going to David, if you can help it.

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16 hours ago, Bonnie said:

Thanks, Keith!

Any advice on going TO the airport? I hate Calle F Sur.

Bonnie, I head over the new bridge and turn right on to Av. 2 at the traffic lights .

There will only be 2 stops to make, the first at the crossing of the Via Rapida, and the second at the traffic lights at Calle F Sur beside Panamotor, the Nissan dealer.

Go straight through the intersection at Panamotor, travel 3 blocks to Calle 1, and turn left.

Proceed about 5 blocks and you will be at Av. Red Grey,  which is the Airport / Pedregal highway.

Turn right and carry on.

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