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Sleeping Indian cancer stunt hit

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Sleeping Indian cancer stunt hit

Posted on September 24, 2016 in Panama

La India Dormida
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A PUBLICITY  stunt  intended to raise awareness of breast cancer  has created  a storm of criticism on social media and in  environmental circles.


The $300,000 project involved installing a 1,720 square meter pink colored vinyl cover of  an area of forest  on the mountain ridge, known as La India Dormida (the sleeping Indian) in El Valle De Anton.

The area covered was a “symbolic”  breast of the sleeping Indian

The cover was in place for over a week when the criticism came   raining down on the office of Panama’s First Lady Lorena Castillo.

Work to uninstall it began on Friday, September 23, and was expected to be finished on Sunday.

The awareness campaign included videos and tours to health clinics .A direct contract was awarded to Cerebro JCM Advertising agency. The funds were donated by China-Taiwan.

“Debate all you want if you like it or not but go and make your test.” Said   former journalist Castillo de Varela, wife of President, Juan Carlos Varela.

Mario Urriola, director of the Tropical Wonders Serpentarium, located in the area where the publicity stunt took place said that a week and a half of life at most is what is estimated for animals covered by the gigantic mantle.

In his view, the problem is that the cover, creates a kind of sauna that affects the grass and plants .

However, the Office of the First Lady ensured that there is no impact on the area.

Acccording to the official technical report of the campaign, signed by Presidency Minister Alvaro Aleman, and Ana Maria De Leon,  Office of the First Lady  the promo    involved the symbolic covering of  the bosom of La India Dormida, producing two videos with messages about the importance of prevention of breast cancer, including testimonies; and the development of  of talks on health awareness and prevention of cancer in health centers

With this money, says a La Prensa report, it would have been possible to buy a digital mammography machine in the Panamanian market for $178 540, ITBMS included.

The equipment used to detect breast cancer in women is lacking in a large percentage of public hospitals in the country.


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This administration is overly criticized for anything it does or doesn't do, imo. When the CD party lost the 2014 election Martinelli said "Now I'm going to **** with them like they ****** with me", and he's doing it. The former President sits in Miami all day firing torpedoes through his Twitter account and media empire here.

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President defends wife’s attention grabber

Posted on September 25, 2016 in Panama

President Varela in a Sunday clean-up photo op
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PRESIDENT Juan Carlos Varela, has defended the Office of the First Lady, directed by his wife Lorena Castillo over a controversial publicity stunt to raise awareness of breast caancer.


The “very creative” project

The project involved covering a section of a mountain with a pink tarp, far from the sight of most of Panama’s citizens. in El Valle de Anton.

The publicity grab has been the focus of criticism and satire and provided a heyday for cartoonists and political commentators.

It came  in a week where the government came under fire when a $2.7 million land brought donations to the Catholic Church o $23.9 million since Varela took office. Varela and his wife are Catholics, and have lobbied for the Pope’s  Catholic Youth conference to be held in Panama.

on Sunday, September 25, Varela said that  mountain covering was  a positive and “very creative” advertising campaign.

Positive debate
He said that even the debate generated about it “is positive because it raised the consciousness” of the issue.

“It is raising awareness of the thousands of women with breast cancer,” the president said.

The campaign involved draping the tarp over what could be considered the breast section of “The Sleeping Indian,” a section of mountains in El Valle de Antón that resembles someone lying down, face up.

He said that the scope of the campaign is national and international since the mountain is a symbol of the country.

“The concept was very creative,” he said in  , justifying the cost of $300,000 and the fact that the direct contract was awarded without going through a competitive bidding process says La Prensa.

The project  was paid for through a  donation from the Embassy of Taiwan.

The tarp was removed after a week and a half due to concerns raised about its impact on the environment.


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