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Double Homicide in Potrerillos Abajo

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Double murder in Potrerillos Abajo; subjects made several shots

Javier Secundino Chavez of 34 years, and Kenneth Darius Knight Pitty, 27 years were killed in several gunshot wounds in the community of Palma Real in the corregimiento of Potrerillos Down, Dolega district, in the province of Chiriqui.

The deceased were with another group of friends in a billiard hall when three subjects arrived at the site, ordered three beers and without saying anything began to fire several shots against the group where the deceased were located.

Found at the scene was the dead body of Javier Secundino Chavez, while Kenneth Darius Knight Pitty was transferred to the hospital emergency room Rafael Hernandez in the city of David, where he died minutes later.

The National Police arrived at the scene of the crime to cordon off the place, proceeding to notify the authorities of the Public Prosecutor who conducted the diligence of lifting of the corpse.

One of the deceased maintained three warrants of arrest for the offenses of theft, fraud and crime against the life and personal integrity.



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Simple detective work could have found out where this criminal was hanging out since he did not flea the area,  So why was he still at large.  A shame he had to be shot to death by "rivals" when the police probably knew where to find him and could readily pick him up alive and well.  In a perfect world someone with that many warrants would flea to hide elsewhere because the police were actively looking for him.  I can only think that the police are understaffed, have no detectives or undercover personnel, or just don't care.  I sincerely  hope it is not the last excuse.  I have heard so many stories like this where the police in Chiriqui have not done their due diligence.  

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I may sound harsh and very hard with my comments but.... nothing has been lost.   This guy decided to have this life of crime and has on his account  a couple of people killed.  This looks like a payback or revenge thing.   We have an spanish saying:  "El que a hierro mata, a hierro muere".   It could be something in english like:  "Who kills with iron, with iron will be killed"

I am so aware that the gangs and organized crime are buying the conscience and actions of some Police and detective agents.  Specially in a country where a Police is not earning to much money and the gangs could pay them in a month what this unit could make in a year.   Also it is being known that some of those criminals have money to hire lawyers that using any legal tactic release them quickly from jail.  Some good police agents get frustrated when those criminals return back to the streets smiling and making jokes of the police who arrested them.  So I have no doubt that some police agents could have some relief or may be some kind of joy when things like this happens.  Another scum out of the street.



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I think the English equivalent would be, "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword."

I appreciate your Panamanian point of view, Roger. Moreover, it is futile to expect that the Panamanian police force would be anywhere near as sophisticated as, for example, the U.S. and Canadian forces. So far as I know, there is not a national fingerprint database, and DNA does not appear to used at all. Training most likely is substandard to that of more advanced countries. Law enforcement, like everything else, evolves over time.

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3 hours ago, Uncle Doug said:

That sure doesn't sound like a local name.  But then I read the original article in Spanish...

Pitty (usually spelled Pitti) is a very local name.  It seems every other person in Boquete has the last name of Pitti.  It is an Italian name, apparently originally belonging to a very prolific Italian immigrant to Panama many years ago.

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