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"Cabalgata" Horse Parade in Volcan

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Quite unexpectedly this past Sunday (September 3rd), Marcelyn and I found ourselves in Volcan to take care of some business. The decision was made about 11:30AM, and 30 minutes later we were in the vehicle heading west. We opted for the "shortcut" through Potrerillos, which normally is about a one hour drive in good conditions. However, it was raining very heavily, and so it took more like 1.75 hours to arrive in Volcan.

We took care of our business matters, and then decided to have a Mexican cuisine lunch at Burricos. If you have not eaten at Burricos, then you don't know what you are missing. Not only good food, good service, etc., but then in the middle of munching down our food, there was a cabalgata (horseback riding, turned into a parade). We estimate a minimum of 50 horses involved, all decked out in their finest attire. Some horses had braided tails, and some had red socks on their feet. A loud band in an open bed truck led the entourage. Lots of people were along the roadway viewing the festivities. The waitress at Burricos indicated that this is typically a monthly affair, and just part of the culture of their community.

As we were leaving the area, the horses had turned around and were coming back into town for a repeat parade. Many people had apparently come early, parked their vehicles along the roadway, kind of "tailgate party" style.

They obviously like their horses in that area.

Here are two pictures I took with our iPhone:

2016-09-04 14.35.14.jpg 


2016-09-04 15.01.02.jpg

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