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The passing of George Schultz

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This report appeared in LaPrensa at 6:43 p.m.

Investigation of the death of a retired German in Boquete

According to preliminary reports, the foreigner died after falling from the second floor of a house.

Authorities of the province of Chiriqui investigated this Monday, 15 August, the death of a 68 year old pensioner of 68 years of age, who fell from the second floor of a residence located in the area of Volcancito, Boquete.

According to witnesses, the retiree was performing construction work. After the fall he was transferred to the Health Center of Boquete by the owner of the house. However, he arrived there without vital signs.

The Personera of Boquete, Yisel Acosta, went to the place and made the release of the corpse.

The German resided in the sector Nuevo Amanecer.

El extranjero fue trasladado al Centro de Salud ya sin vida.


wow, I was just in the restaurant this morning. RIP George.

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My husband and I are so sorry to hear this.   We send our sympathies to the family.  We sat eating our meal and watched him handily back his truck into a ridiculous small space then move furniture.   He was a most capable human in many regards.  Very sad.

Bill and Alison

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