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New Ning Euphemism: You're Dismissed

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I've found .ning useful in the past when looking for facts and information.  Opinions aren't of much use, but some reviews (maybe half way between facts and opinions) are also helpful.  Actually I found the casita I live on .ning and also made contact with Keith via .ning and bought my vehicle from him -- this was all in the Feb to May 2016 time frame. Now that I'm a few months into Boquete life I must say I prefer CL for well described and easy to find facts and information.  But I still avoid gossip and opinion posts on both.  I like it better when I don't encounter hate, bigotry, extreme views, etc whether in person or on-line.  And as an added incentive for me, the impression I get is that the CL admin folks do the best job keeping the site relevant.

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