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2017 BJBF Boquete Resident Discount Tickets


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Reminder....the deadline to purchase Boquete Resident Discount Tickets for the 2017 Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival is August 31st!  Limited tickets are available at this great price. Get your today using the following link and password!

The link is.... https://www.mieventos.com/event-detail/172

The password is... BJBF2017BR

You may buy up to two tickets

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10 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

Not seeing any announcement here, just the NewsLady's footer.

I'll fix it. Sometimes the originator's email client formats the HTML is non-compliant ways. That is all Penny has to work with. It is a problem that Penny did not create, nor is it her responsibility to fix.

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The price for the ticket is $100 plus 7% ITBMS required by law, plus a fee charged by the online vendor to process the credit card transaction.  It's a great value for three days of performances (Friday night has been added).  If you have additional questions or need assistance with access to the site, please email me at sales@boquetejazzandbluesfestival.com.

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