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Enhanced AAC Services For Valle Escondido


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Beginning this week on July 15 Alto al Crimen (AAC) and Boquete Consulting Security (BCS) are offering enhanced security and emergency response services to the residents of Valle Escondido.

BCS provides security services to Valle Escondido, and its personnel are trained to respond in various emergencies. AAC provides a community-wide emergency Hotline service with a bilingual operator to receive and relay emergency calls from anyone, but particularly people who are not fluent in Spanish.

AAC Hotline service will continue as before for the broader community, but for Valle Escondido (and later one or more other gated communities) the AAC Hotline operator will immediately call the BCS security gatehouse to report emergencies and the unit number involved. Then the security force can provide rapid response while police, ambulance or fire services are being dispatched.

Also the AAC Hotline operator will only need to dispatch emergency services to the entry gate. From there security personnel can lead the emergency vehicle to the affected unit. This will save time providing detailed directions by phone to the emergency services.

Anyone living in Valle Escondido, including short term renters and resort guests, can call the AAC Hotline number whether or not registered with a number. All property owners are being asked to support AAC by a minimum annual donation of $20. Each residence will be provided with a laminated emergency calling guide in English and Spanish. Only the Valle Escondido unit number will be needed for dispatching emergency assistance. People who want to sign up individually and provide additional information for the AAC database may do so and are encouraged to do so.

BCS will provide the service of accepting donations for AAC to simplify the donation process, but donations may also be made by checks to Fundacion Alto al Crimen left in envelopes at Mailboxes, Etc.

AAC services to people in non-gated communities and other homes will continue as before, and we continue to emphasize the importance of having very clear directions stored in the AAC database.

The name of the game is community service.  Alto al Crimen and Boquete Consulting Security are pleased to be working together to make things better for our community. If you have any suggestions about AAC Hotline services to your gated community or neighborhood, please send them by email to aac.boquete@gmail.com You may update your registration information by email to the same address.

In any emergency, call AAC Hotline at 6477-6662 (Alternate number 6917-0011)

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