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Alto Al Crimen News Release


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Since the announcement by Rodny Moreno back in August that he intends to terminate the contract between his business and Alto al Crimen when it expires in 2016, there have been many questions about who would be the operator to continue the operation of the Alto al Crimen Hotline.  We are pleased to announce that commencing in the first week of January, Franc (for Francisco) Lugo, a member of our expat community, will take on the operator duties.  The AAC Hotline number, 6477-6662, will remain the same.

Franc is thoroughly bilingual, having had Puerto Rican parents and having been raised speaking both Spanish and English.  Franc grew up in New York City.  As an adult he has been an aviation mechanic in the Navy and has worked in the transportation and construction industries.  He has been in Boquete since 2009 and is well-known to a lot of us for his participation in many and varied expat activities.  He is a member of San Juan Bautista Catholic church and is active in many volunteer groups throughout Boquete.

Frank has a can-do attitude and a friendly word for all. You can bet that those traits will transfer to the AAC Hotline service.

Alto al Crimen is modernizing its operations in a number of ways.   Some of those you can't see because they relate to the scope, maintenance and security of the database which holds information about the 500+ people/families who are registered.   We'll also be using a new two-SIM telephone that will allow callers with emergencies to remain on hold while police, fire or medical assistance is called. Then Franc will be able to return to the caller and report about his notification to the appropriate agencies and when they are being dispatched. The second line (with a different cellular service) will also serve as an alternate AAC Hotline number for cases when someone may be calling from an accident or other incident on the road and the cellular service for the main number is weak or unavailable.  Another new approach is a powerful tablet computer small enough to be kept with the operator all the time so that full database information can be always available.   Moreover, we will have the capability of updating the database by WI-FI via the internet so that it is kept regularly updated.

The Board of Alto al Crimen thanks the many loyal supporters of our non-profit foundation and its programs of providing crime prevention and bilingual emergency telephone services to one and all in the community.  AAC only works with your donations and support.   Our goal is to have every person or family registered for AAC Hotline service to donate a minimum of $20 per year (plus a one-time $10 donation when you receive your resident ID plaque).  If you can donate more, you will be helping support our various crime prevention programs and our work with the local police and fire departments.  If you are not registered, you can sign up at altoalcrimen.info   Click on the bright red rectangle on the right side of the page not far from the top.

When you see Franc Lugo at BCP or at local restaurants or other places around town, say hello and tell him about your support for AAC. But if he needs to answer a phone call, please excuse him because he has a good reason.   If you need help, he will always be as close as your phone and working for you and the whole community 24 hours per day. 

Watch for more Alto al Crimen news over the next few days.



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