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I found it!  In David the restaurant supply store is:

Mundial R.A.W. S.A.  Ave Obaldia next to the Texaco gas station.

775-5909     mundialrawsa1@hotmail.com  orrawsawilliam@hotmail.com

The owner is a very nice lady, Albis, who lived in the states for a bit. She said she supplies to all the major Restaurants and Hotels in Chiriqui, F& B operations for the jail and the Social Security Hospitals. She does sell retail and if she does not have what you are looking for she has many Hospitality catalogs she can order from. Very interesting store and glad I found it. You need to ring the bell as she keeps the door locked. She had a robbery recently. Her son majors in Food Science. So if you need any restaurant equipment this is the place to go to. They sell a lot of uniforms and aprons as well.



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Penny, the store is easy to find.  It is at the junction where the road from the bridge and the road from Super Baru merge. It is on the left side (Baru side) right after the Texaco.  Keith's pic is taken from the centre town approach.  To get to the store, go across the bridge, take the first available left to get to the Baru road, turn right.  Drive till you see the Texaco on the left, the sign for the store is right after that.  If you were to continue down the road from the bridge you would be able to see the store, but as the say, "you can't get there from here" unless you go further down and turn around.  I went there yesterday, unfortunately it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so the adventure will have to wait till next week.

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