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Flamenco at the Oasis, July 16th

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There were six in our group that attended the flamenco event at Hotel Oasis last night. It was a huge success. Originally Bob and Carol Schmucker were to join Marcelyn and me. But then Bob's brother and sister-in-law came to visit, and so our group went from four to six. There was nothing to fault last night. Anayansi and her staff did their usual stellar support. The food and service were great. And then the performances of music and dance had everyone in a wonderful mood.

Here are some pictures that I took. I had only my old iPhone, and the lighting was not the best, but at least you can get an idea of what transpired.

Marcelyn and had I attended the first flamenco event at the Oasis a while back, and it suffered through a two hour power outage. Last night had no disasters. I think I heard Anayansi say that they had brought in an emergency generator just in case of a repeat. But none of that happened. A good time was had by all. We recommend that you participate in any future events like this one. Anayansi, her staff, and the performers did a stellar job last night. Thank you to all.

Oh, and one of the unexpected highlights was a lengthy conversation with JR, the construction materials supply outlet owner from Santa Lucia. Fascinating chap, one who never meets a stranger. You will recognize him (blue shirt and huge smile) in the first of the below photos.

I'm hoping others will post some of their pictures and provide reviews of the event.


2016-07-16 19.45.44.jpg

Our group, plus JR. From left to right: Marcelyn, Carol, JR, Bob, Jim, and Sue. (I was taking the picture.)








2016-07-16 20.14.53.jpg

Here is our entire party, plus Calixto: Bud, Marcelyn, Calixto, Carol, Bob, Sue, and Jim.







2016-07-16 19.14.07.jpg

Calixto does such a good job of taking care of all of the customers.











The remainder of the pictures are of the performances by the musicians and the dancers.

2016-07-16 18.36.36.jpg
















2016-07-16 18.36.57.jpg
















2016-07-16 18.58.56.jpg













2016-07-16 19.17.06.jpg














2016-07-16 19.45.01.jpg











2016-07-16 20.03.00.jpg












2016-07-16 20.16.29.jpg






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