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Ning Wants Donations?

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I believe that Lee used to pay for Ning annually every year in July.   The current Ning hosting fee based on having more than 1,000 members and less than 10,000 memebers is $600 per year.   It appears that all of the old sponsors have not renewed their advertising.  Currently there are two local sponsors and one non-local sponsor listed, all of which appear to be fairly new ads.  For awhile there was an ad giving an email address to write to if you wanted to be an advertiser (sponsor); however that email address in fact did not exisit.   After a few weeks it was removed.

My guess would be that as it is time to pay the annual hosting fee, they will be looking for sponsors and/or donations.   It would not surprised me to see JLM asking members for donations.   Perhaps the long term "Ning is awesome" cheerleaders can now put money to their words and help pay JLM for the service it provides.    Without enough revenue from advertising, they will need to find another source of revenue to cover the basic costs of hosting and whatever they are paying Ambreen and Olga.

I doubt JLM will continue to just give the Boquete Ning forum to the community as a free service if they do not find a way to either make money or at least cover expenses.    It is a reminder to all Chiriqui Life members that community forums like this one have expenses.   Those that use this forum owe Bud and Marcelyn a big thank you as they donate the entire cost of hosting and operating this forum.


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Running this kind of forum is not cheap. And Bud is also well aware of the liability issues and has had to pay to protect himself from those who might want to sue him for what somebody posts here. This is a labor of love for Bud and Marcelyn and we need to respect that by keeping this forum "clean" and helpful.

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The *ning was a thing with bling but became a fling with a ding, and the cha-ching has a sting hard to wing.

But opening-up to the whinge (ouch) and binge of the unhinged fringe will impinge and induce a twinge of a tinge of the cringe.

It is likely that the Administrative Authority, after much soul-searching, private meditation, prayer, and consultation with the peerless Site Moderators, will continue to weed-out all of the Sneeds without stars so as to maintain the purity of the *ning experience for the chosen few.

Assuring the dearth of diversity is a comfort in these challenging times, and I, for one, would pay a premium ($9.99 Balboas!) to enjoy the privilege of participation in a site custom-designed to guarantee that other contributors are of exactly the same mindset as myself in order to prevent Uncomfortable Thoughts. (NO! to Social Lasciviousness! NO! to Orgiastic Political Ejaculation! YES! to Cerebral Cleanliness which is right next to ... whatever-it-is!)

In order to assist with the homogenization of the expat intellect, I have established a GoFundMe account with the aim of maintaining myself in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed, and I would encourage each and every one of my legion of fans, my minions, and my bootheel lick-spittle lackeys to contribute $9.99 Balboas to help ensure the timely publication of the Manifesto of Correctness currently being drafted.

Consider it a mandatory survival technique for the ultimate protection in these Troubling Times! Suffer the little gringos to come unto me! And you'd better WATCH OUT for that other guy!



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