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Religious Festivals: Corpus Christi

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Hi People

If you had the chance I would recommend all of you to visit La Villa de Los Santos town when the Corpus Christi festivals are being held.  It is a catholic religious festivals with a lot of cultural and folkloric expressions you may enjoy.  This festivities are held usually at the end of May and the first days of June.  It may be late for you to attend this years festivities but keep it in your agenda for next year.  You can plan a group tour and be ready with your cameras to take beautiful pictures an taste a feeling of an old spanish religion tradition.


The first thing you may find will be the beautiful decoration done with flowers and organic materials on the streets.  










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I feel so sad when some people says that Panama does not have culture.   We have a rich culture with a lot of manifestations from all the ethnic groups that makes this little country an interesting place to be.  


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Roger B,

Your postings are fantastic. We have not been aware of these celebrations and festivities, but will target them next year.

You add so much value to CL. Thank you for your postings, and on so many different subjects.

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Corpus Christi tourism attraction  nixed


Posted 10/06/2020

The Simón Mon Mendieta Dance Board of Parita  has been told that only  virtual religious celebrations in honor of Corpus Christi will be allowed because  of the  coronavirus pandemic,

The regional director of Health of Herrera, Luis Pérez, warned that all activities and events that involve crowds of people such as fairs, congresses, cultural, religious, sports, festive and dance events throughout Panama are suspended.

He said that  Executive Decree of March 13, is in force.  and Herrera is no exception.

Pérez's reactions come after the group party that took place last Saturday in La Villa de Los Santos at the start of the Corpus Christi cycle of celebrations.

The regional director of Health said that he held meetings with managers of the Panama Tourism Authority of Herrera, in which they have told that the Ministry of Health cannot allow activities.

He said that the local authorities with the collaboration of the public force will be the guarantors that the regulatory standards are complied with.



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