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Temblor this morning

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3 hours ago, Uncle Doug said:

I felt it, too.  Of course, we're neighbors.

One sharp jolt.  If the epicenter was directly under Palo Alto, I would estimate something under a 4.0.  It was very brief, though.

Close guess, Doug. The 7:22 a.m. event was a 3.2 and the epicenter was near Boquete.


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21 hours ago, Hil said:

They just posted info;


 5.1 magnitude earthquake

Today 28 minutes ago at 12:17 
May 02, 2016 UTC

Epicenter at -6.096, -107.201

Central East Pacific Rise

Depth: 15 km

Both quakes happened at the same time. We probably didn't feel the one off of the coast from David. This UTC time is difficult to read. lol

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The two quakes did not occur at the same time.  Scientists - including seismologists - rely on very accurate timekeeping. 

The 5.1 magnitude quake 200 miles away on the other side of the Galapagos islands is way to distant to be felt here.  Also, it occurred at 7:17 (12:22:55 UTC/GMT), not 7:23.  The earthquake waves from the 5.1 quake would have reached us in about 30 seconds, but would have been far too week to feel at that distance. 

The local Palo Alto 3.6 quake was at 7:23.  I was sleeping in, and my alarm was set for 7:35.  I woke up when I felt the quake, and looked at my alarm clock.  The time was 7:23.



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